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Fmsg JUST WAXED! WANNA C? 19905599
Fmsg JUST WAXED! WANNA C? 19905599Caller: 19905599Call Type: SMS*********HELP HOW DO I STOP THIS? i have sent stop back, but i keep getting them!
I don't know who the hell you are but don't sms my phone again after reading what has happened to all those poor people.  Its disgusting that this company is aloud to continue doing the same thing over and over again to even send those messages to little kids, it WRONG.  something has to be done to stop them.
just called 1300764551. Got a lady who explained what had happened and sorted everything out. turned out the usuage took place when my brother had my mobile. Nice!!!! I guess all I can say is the helpline number worked fine for me.
I'm over these f**king things, this is the fourth one this year, within 4 days. I will be reporting this to the police if they don't stop and to consumer affairs tv show. I'm over it I don't even know were they have got my number from. If it has come from Optus I will not be dealing from them ever again. I know that the banks sell phone numbers to over sea's companies. But my bank dosn't have my moile number so if optus has given out my mobile number to this F**king firm there will be hell to pay. This will be going to air with currant affairs tv show in australia. So who ever you are F**ck off and don't ever send ANY MORE SMS's TO MY Mobile. You have broken up a relationship of 4yrs becuse of your rude messages to my mobile. I get different phone numbers all the time but the only thing that is the same is CF1300764551 when i ring this number it is a answering service like a sex talk on the phone.
They kept taking all of my money too. I have not managed to stop them yet but below is the information about the company owner. I knowingly have not subscribed to anything but I cannot stop them.Domain Name.......... mobilemischief.comOrganisation Name.... Consumer Frist Pty LtdOrganisation Address. Magpie Cottage Organisation Address. SiddingtonOrganisation Address. SK11 9LHOrganisation Address. CheshireOrganisation Address. GREAT BRITAIN (UK)Admin Name........... Charles Canning-SmithAdmin Address........ Magpie Cottage Admin Address........ SiddingtonAdmin Address........ SK11 9LHAdmin Address........ CheshireAdmin Address........ GREAT BRITAIN (UK)Admin Email.......... Phone.......... +44.7772181039Admin Fax............ +44.7772181039Tech Name............ Charles Canning-SmithTech Address......... Magpie CottageTech Address......... Tech Address......... SiddingtonTech Address......... SK11 9LHTech Address......... CheshireTech Address......... GREAT BRITAIN (UK)Tech Email........... Phone........... +44.7772181039Tech Fax............. +44.7772181039Name Server.......... ns3.quadrahosting.comName Server.......... ns4.quadrahosting.comName Server..........
A little more information on the clown who runs this and their contact detailsPostal Address:Consumer First Pty LtdSuite 100714 Kings Cross RdNSW2011Telephone:(02) 9339 4500
This short code may pertain to the following company:Shortcode: 19905599Company name: Consumer FirstContact number: 1300 764 551 Website:
These scum sucking MF's send my 12yo SMS's asking if he wants dirty s**t 'Hot Nurses' to send him pictures or Shaven Babe Shows. They should FO and get a life. The pieces of s**t who run this should be locked up or have their testicles removed. Dirty f***ing pedophiles.
sucks credit out even when phone off... crap
this number has cost me $200.00 - who are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son has got 6 text messages and cost $5 each time dosn't know what this number is or who they are
My boyfriends phone bill has a number +1990 1007.  It's there a lot and his phone bill was astronomical in May.  What is this number???
what the f***   they sent me like ten sms's and about two days later i siad for them to stop or i will call the police and they said that the session has stopped     that better not mean that i get billed for 2 days of not even responding to their sms's.
Dont know what this stupid company is - but keep on sending $5 SMS.Virgin say to reply STOP - but out of credit - if I recharge -will these idiots keep on SMSing me !!There should be something done about these morons - like death penalty !!
How do you stop receiving these calls. Stop does not work. Service provider inept. Who can you contact?
this is rediculis... recharged $30 then turned phone off nd the next day when turned back on all credit gone. who the f#*k are these people, also keep getting send dirty messages as a service message.
Who are they? I've lost $30 credit but have no record of ever subscribing to their service. Optus suddenly started sending messages at 7pm every night saying "Service Unavailable"...about 5 each time. Then when I had no more credit left I got one that said the service had stopped because of "Insufficient funds". I have no idea what it was in the first place.
get 2 messages a week at $5 per message for about a month. and i have sent stop about 20 times
get a real job

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