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I recieved a call from 2012213841.  It's an indian guy that asks for you by name and says someone wants to talk to you and to hold on.  They pass the phone to another indian guy how verifies the last 4 of your SSN and states an affadavit was put on his desk.  It's another number scam artists use local to you stating their client "Cash Advance" which you've never used has filed a criminal case against you and inquiring if you have an attorney.
Phone stalker, for four weeks now
Wanna know who is calling me from this number
I started getting these calls after purchasing something on amazon. Almost immediately. Not sure if there is a connection between the two?
unknown phone call every day.
where did they get my phone number?
Earlier today a guy called me from this number looking for my wife. I could tell by the sound of his voice, he wasnt a friend. I said, "oh, i think youve got the wrong number." He didnt say anything, just hung up. I was a little irritated. He sounded like a winner  : /
Downloaded free app called "easy finder" to my Evo. Blocks the call before their auto dialer connects. Seems to have fixed the problem.  Keep adding numbers that I find on these chats that they use.  They are going away as result.
Wow, I'm dismayed at how difficult it is to track this info down.  There are various websites that will do Intelius-style lookups if you pay them $$, but who knows whether that would yield anything useful, I doubt it.I *was* able to find a shred more info about the SIP trunk that the Indian call-center spammer used..  Now I just need to figure out how to use this to contact the trunk/switch's owner.. also saw a blog thread in which someone suggested you can hang up on the spammer, dial *57 to initiate a "customer originated trace" (?) (if your phone provider supports it), and this will give you a way to access the AIN for the SIP trunk.  I will look into this further as well.
I've been receiving at LEAST 15 phone calls a day. It doesn't matter how rude or polite I am they just don't get this hint. I spoke with they guy today and told him that "you have the wrong number, please stop calling me" He replied "I will let you know!" and hung up. WTFSeriously getting very annoyed here!
Telling them they have the wrong number seems to get them off your back for a while...also i have tried screaming at them and cursing them out...not only does it feel better, they stop calling for a while!
@Krystal: I agree 100%.  These calls started back in April 2010 or so;  I'd get 4-5 calls a day for about a week, then they abruptly stop.  Then about a month later it starts up again, from a different area code.  206, 919, 414, 509, and the latest is this (201) number.  I believe they are an Indian call center that's using/abusing a newly-discovered lenient SIP/VoIP (ie. telephone over Internet) gateway/trunk until they get shut down, then they find another gateway/trunk.One dead giveaway that it's a SIP caller is, there's 2 seconds of silence as soon as you answer, as all the internet-side stuff finishes connecting.  Sometimes that's my cue to just hang up immediately.  However, usually I try to drag things out a bit to learn more, or to expose them.Here's a synopsis of today's scintillating conversation:Caller:  Hello, can I speak with ______ please?Me:   Just a moment, may I ask who's calling?Caller:  I'm calling from the pharmacy.  I'm calling regarding your prior order of Viagra.Me:   "The pharmacy?"  I didn't know there was just one, how about that!  LOL  What's the name of your pharmacy?Caller:  I'm calling on behalf of U.S. (Residence?) Pharmacy, in Spokane, WA.  I'd like you to consider ordering more Viagra.Me:  Gee, that's funny, 201 is NOT a valid area code for Spokane.. that's an area code for somewhere on the east coast..  you know, in the U.S...  How is that possible?Caller:  We're just calling through the dialing system, I'm not sure how it works, but we're in Spokane.Me:  I'm wondering whether you're really in an Indian call center, e-calling people through a SIP gateway in order to *appear* that you're calling from the U.S.   You can be honest with me..  After all, if I'm going to give you my money, I need to first trust you.  So what's really going on?Caller:  (hangs up)Me:    (smiles)I haven't surfed around enough yet to figure out how to dig deeper & pursue a complaint..The most I've found (for this AC 201 episode) is,    (gives vague info of their phone endpoint), and   (shows time-based graph of spamming activity for that phone#.)If anyone has additional info on back-tracking or reporting the call, please post & share!
Same Indian call center that has called from 414-683-1241, 509-376-3190, 305-260-6140, 919-526-7613, and 206-561-4512.  The more you answer the phone and speak with them the more often they will call. They are rude and will threaten you and your family if you try to argue. Since they are outside the US you cannot file a complaint w/Do Not Call.  The phone company will not help you and law enforcement does not care.  They can make their phone number appear to be anything they want so call blocking only works for 3-4 weeks before the calls start coming from someone else.  Eventually everyone will be in their data base and we will all receive these calls daily.
This is some company selling drugs (viagra, cialis).  It is a person to person call and they ignore all requests to stop calling, and most often hang up when I express my desire to be removed from their list.
they say they are from theV.A. but want hundreds of dollars for prescriptions I don't use.  F'n rippoff liars.  and they won't stop calling
Selling pharmaceuticals.  He usually refers to himself as Peter from the pharmacy.  No idea how many numbers this guy has.
annoying as s**t soliciter of viagra cealis  what do i have to do to get rid of these parasites
Got a call from this phone number.
This number has been relentlessly calling my home and not leaving messages.  Someone named Rob (who sounded like a moron) just called and was trying to solicit donations for bullet proof vests for police officers.  Wanted me to pick what sticker shield I wanted along with picking a denomination of donation to pledge, and my address to send it to.  I informed him that my husband is in Federal law enforcment and I would run this by him when he gets home and call him back.  He gave me an "800" number to call him back at.  1-800-921-2022 - Got a woman who said they do fundraising for a number of clients, NJ Police Officers Foundation was indeed one of them, but I don't think this guy is connected with this legit organization.  My SCAM antennas were up and alert on this one ...BEWARE!!!!!!!
Called in the morning, didn't leave a message... 'tis the time of year for more scam marketing

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