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Reverse Phone Check:

I returned their call and got a voice message saying that it was "The Share Group", a call center for various non-profit organizations.
I usually receive 2 calls between 5-7pm. I haven't answered. They also used 202-315-5360 and 202-315-5364.
Got a call from this number. A man said he didnt know me but wanted some personal information from me. He sounded like he was from Africa or Nigeria. He had very broken english I hung up but then he called again. I let it go to voice mail. He didnt leave a message but I could also hear back ground noises. Saturday monring around 11:o'clock
I got a call from this numer.  I didnot answer and no voicemail so I'm online looking who this could be
I've been getting calls from this number for about a month now.Initially i thought it is a local number since it starts 202 but then again they start calling me twice or three times a day since this mid august 2009 until today about 5 minutes ago and i said enough is enough let me search this number online and i come across this posting..... They don't even leave a voice mail or anything  they just call during odd hours or like after 6pm. I am tired of them i wish there will be some ways to get around them or make it illegal to call some one on there private number to solicit
Some person called me from this number and would not identify themselves.  I tried to call the number back and it does not accept calls.
I got several calls in the past days and just right now for 3 times. There were noices and no answer. Do we know if this number can be tracked down or did anyone report to the police?
Receive a call from this phony number, i called it back to get a "number cannot be reached" message. sSure this is one of those phony numbers that they use for scam purposes.I usually answer in such occurences and tell them to go to HELL!!! They were just lucky this time that i was busy and did not answer.
I received a call on my cell phone from 202-481-3310 at 9:10 pm.  It was a recorded message telling me that my credit card had been compromised and that I needed to press 1 to speak to a live representative to help me file a report.  I didn't push one, I hung up and called the number back.  It was a recording telling me that the call could not be completed as dialed.  What's going on with this number?
I use Google Voice, forwarding my calls to my Gizmo account connected to my Asterisk PBX.If I receive a call from a belgian cell phone to my Google Voice number, this number appears as the caller ID instead of the belgian cell number. This phone number is probably related to Gizmo, Skype and other virtual operators.
Person would not give any information
this guy calls from Ghana. must be through google voice or something.
Left message on answering machine.  It was an unknown giggly hispanic female who seemed to be trying to reach a friend.  Did not and will not try to call back.
Absolutlely frustrating with this caller who places calls at odd times like 1:00 in the morning!! Calls several times but does not leave any message. I thought signing up with don't call registry would stop this menance.I guess not.
I have gotten a call from this number on a few occasions, tonight, Oct 5 being the latest one, and I have always ignored them.  I have never gotten a voicemail, so I came online to see where the number originated from.
This number was displayed when I got a call from India(Airtel). Maybe Airtel routes calls through the internet and displays a local number at this end.
Ignored # so it went to voice mail.  Call was at 7PM so I believe it is a solicitor call of some sort, calling when presumably you are home from work--but since it went to voice mail there was an 11 second recording of the caller.  It was solely breathing, sort of heavy breathing--not like a prank call, but like the breathing was distorted and was magnified through a headset mike, like he/she was waiting for a response, but didn't get any then hung up.  I could hear some background noise like voices in a warehouse kind of environment or hollow cavernous echoing kind of place.  It was a little creepy, but I'll know what # to ignore in the future. and I definately WILL NOT call this number back, because then that legitimizes your number in their records as "good"...kinda like responding to spam to unsubscribe yourself.  You are in affect making it known to them that the phone# is good to keep calling it.
I got called from this no. twice - in last 1 week (once in afternoon and once last night after 12!).
It's a skype out call
I have been getting calls from this number for a year.  No caller ID..just the number.  They always ask about some medication that I "have taken" and claim I ordered it from them.  Most recently a weight loss medication.  I've never heard of any of the med's they ask about.  Then they start asking if I've ever taken medication for every possible condition.  I have ask dozens of time to remove me from their call list.  I've spoken to supervisors who promised it had been done.  I've threatened to call an attorney.  I've put my number on the "do not call" list.  They called four times in the last 48 hours.  This time the person on the other end got rude and said I obviously needed to take medication for anger.  I'm not sure what to do next.  I'm going to call and have their number blocked since I can't find out who they are.

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