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I received a call from this number on: 1/18 at 11:53am, 1/20 at 12:08pm and 8:58pm. No message is ever left.  I tried calling this number back 30 minutes later and "this number is no longer in service".
They calls everyday never leave a message. very annoying and I am on do not call list!
when I pick up phone they do not speak, when I say hello.
Discount Power Service in CT trying to get you to use them for your electric power supply.
Who is this?
I am getting calls from this number almost daily and sometimes twice a day. When I answer no one is there. When I call it back it is disconnected. I googled it and came up with "Fortune Rose, 12 Vernon Street New Haven, CT
They keep calling here too. Annoying! I don't know who they are but I would really like to find out!!
Just wondering who is calling
they just called me, but luckily at that time, i switched off my cellphone.
I've received a call from this number while I was on another line. So, not able to pick up. Though it was from my client. But, when I try to call back this number, it's unable to get thru. After a while I've received another called from this number and I answered it, Its true. She claim that she's from AIA office. She was asking about the payment for the insurance that I've place with AIA. I also have doubt because when I ask her the AIA number, she gave me the difference phone number. When I ask her why the number she called and the number she gave is differ, she told me, that is because a hunting line, So, when I tried to call definitely cannot get through. I do told her if I've any problem with my insurance I will call AIA personally with the number that I have in my record.She also ask me whether I need to change the method of payment or to change to any other credit card. And she ask me to reconfirm again my credit card details which I refuse to relay any information.Please friend, who ever know about this number try to tell me what is your story like. I just want to know whether its genuine or not. I really trauma with con man as I've been cheated by more then RM100k in April 2010. Due to this incident I've become very desperated and broke till to date 08 June 2010.
Missed call from this no :03-20371333 & 03-20371666 The conman is alive and kicking as per today.
I got the missed cal from this number this morning - 0320371333. Luckily I found this page and never picked up!
I got the missed call from the same number 20371333! and it has been bugging me for 3 days until today. Luckily I found this post...but I would never pickup a call from an unknown number anyway XD a total of 8 missed called oredi. So annoying :(
i got the call this morning.3 missed call:-  2 from this number 20371333 and 1 from this 20371666. i didnt pick up the call as i was not free at that time.... until now, when i search this number thru google, i found this page and get to know that this is a conman phone number.Thanks everyone.Today is 13.05.2010, he is still active. with two no: 1333 & 1666
Got it in the missed call...twice on 12th May 2010
i just got a call from this number, he claims to be from AIA alsono info given on my side comment just to let you guys know he's still active today is 16 apr 2010
first she said she call from AIA, and asking me whether convenience to talk. I just said if you are trying to sell me insurance products or talk about insurance then I am not convenience.
The bastard called me too. Twice!
I also received a phone call from this number and promoting about new programme for AIA..20371333, same tactic asking about credit card & maybank account.
I received this call as well. But I just told him I was busy and ask the person call me later? So that I have time to go online and check. I went online to check where this number call from. Then I saw you guys' comment. Thanks friends... I will be careful too... Who also received this kind of call, please tell him to call back later so that you can have time to check whether is a fraud call or not cause too many of them out there nowadays. Watch out...

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