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Reverse Phone Check:

Press 1 to speak to a representative. I just hung up.
A hang up call
They called 3 times in one day. Sons of a b***hes. I  am already on the so called dont call list. FORKING HELL
Calling on a Sunday?  Pathetic.  We need legislation to provide a opportunity to file harassment charges against telemarketers.  We need a national hot line to be able to access and file complaints against the ph# or seller - just like the Better Business Bureau.
Trying to sell me a subscription to the Calgary Herald - I've already declined this marvellous offer twice in the past, but they keep ringing regardless.What's the point of being on the Do Not Call List if all I get is calls from telemarketers trying to sell me sh*t I already rejected when I wasn't on the list?CRTC - spineless.
You know what, screw this, I'm lodging a complaint with the CRTC anyway. There's no justification for the government not barring newspapers from selling their crap, other than they might get nasty headlines come election time. You know what, Mr Harper - change the rules to ban all unsolicited calls or I'm voting for whoever is most likely to defeat the conservative candidate here at the next election.
I ignored both calls from this numer as I know I do not know anyone with that number but they left no message so I knew it was bu***hit.
If anyone's interested, below is their information. I think we should all phone THEM and try to sell them something. Maybe they'll get sick of the calls and get an idea of what they do to all of us. Hey, why don't we all try to sell them subscriptions to the Winnipeg Sun and Winnipeg Free Press newspapers, and don't take no for an answer.Basstel101 Mayfair Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0A1(204) 927-2277
I got a call from this number 204 927 2271. I said hello and he said hello then I hung up! he calls back and hangs up on me. Vancouver Sun! stop harrassing me
Called to sell us a subscription to the Vancouver Sun/Province.
Attempted to obtain personal information based on enticement of renewing National Post subscription at a low rate.  First caller then got his "supervisor/verifier" on the line to extract details.
They call me at between 9-10AM EST every day!!It's pissing me off, because it's annoying getting unwanted phone calls from anyone.I picked up once by mistake and I totally regret it now!It was some guy trying to sell me the National Post.He sounded very professional up until I said "no" to his offer.Then it just got... desperate on his part.
They have called my as well trying to sell the Calgary Sun. Telemarketers are usually stupid, the best way to get them to get them to stop is to reply with "Oh, well thank you but I already receive the Sun/Herald/Province, I've been getting it delivered for years now" . If they reply with something like "Well you don't show up in our customer data base" just tell them that you are an employee or an advertising sponsor of the Sun/Herald/Province and you get your deliveries directly from the printer.Another thing to say that works is "Well thank you for your offer but I am moving to the United Kingdom next week so it wont make any sense for me to have a subscription"Both these lines work well with all telemarketers regardless of what they are selling
they keep calling every day at 5 pm (pacific time).i said hello and they hang up
A guy called trying to sell me subscriptions to the Calgary Herald, sounded suprised when I said "no".
I answered, female said hello and hung up.  I called back the number and got a v/m for Basstel??
fax # for basstel in Winnipeg
I have adisability they do answer when IPICK UP THE PHONE.
This person needs to be dealt with

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