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Reverse Phone Check:

I get a call daily from this number. Please have it stopped. Thank you
I get a call daily from this number, please stop it.
Have been receiving 2 to 3 calls per day everyday for the last 3 weeks from this number. When I say hello there is no answer from them just hear tv or something in the background. they finally just hang up. this is irritating. they even call on Sunday, the day of rest.
POA Georgia calls me everyday. I donated a small amount last year. NOW, they will not stop calling. They call 1-2 times daily (after I have told them to quit calling & to take me off of their call list). Isn't there a law to protect you if you have TOLD them to take you off of the list?
Get this several times a week. Ask for my wife and refuse to leave a message. Can't seem to stop them so I am just going to block them
Got a call from this number. They asked for me by my married name. When I said I didn't go by this name anymore, they hung up.
My son answered and the caller asked for Mrs (Our last NAME). My son told them that they could speak to Mr (last name) and then handed me the phone. When I answered, they hung up the phone without saying anything.
calls all the time and leaves no message - blocked on my phone so don't know why they keep calling
they called.
Someone has called twice thus far, when I pick up the phone they hang up the phone. Very annoying! I tried several times calling 205-572-4636 back and a busy signal is all I get.
Yep! POA Georgia, called me today (22 April09) and hung up without answering, pretty lame i think? don't know what kick they get out of it?
I just recieved phone call from POA Georgia a minute ago,I did body thier.I tried to call back phone is busy.Who are these people? Don't have better things do.
I received a call from this number today and they hung up. I figured this was like the call I received from a Florida number, they said they were collecting donations for the Georgia State Police. I didn't donate and I won't answer now.
I get a call from this number evry day and they hang up. How do I stop it.
We are getting calls from this number several times a day and you can hear music in the back ground when they think they have hung up i do not answer them because i don't know who it is but it is getting to be a bother then there will be unknown calls the same thing happens
I did not answer!
Get several calls a day from POA Georgia number - they hang up - today they answered and told them to remove me from my list and said they have called 20 times in the last week - they said "Ain't no one called you 20 times in the last week.....and then hung up again"  I'm trying to figure out how to report them as I am on the Do not call list.
Had several calls from this number - caller does not leave a message, but you can hear some back ground noices when you pick up the phone.They answer, then hang up!
Have gotten a call from this number more than once, POA Georgia but no one responds when I answer the phone.

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