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Reverse Phone Check:

here is the company that is sending out the spam faxes: International Telcom ltd. 417 Second Avenue West Seattle, Washington USA 98119 Phone Local: 1.206.312.1598 Toll Free:1.866.312.1598 Fax: 1.206.479.0009. Email us at
Harrassed frm someone named Ted Miller..calling my wrk..insisting I owe him money!! B.S!! Company is a fraud!
Spoof callers trying to scare u to pay for some alleged criminal precidings and its bs! I talk to local police and they said and I quote "if u had a warrant or were under any type of investigation, you definitely would not be receiving a courtesy call of whatever the act is, we would be knocking on your door/ serving you a warrant" tell them u would like to stay out of jail and all that s**t, get their information and contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. They really despise anyone impersonating law enforcement. I had this happen and was freaked out about it a few months back, they really need to be taken down. Who knows how many people they freaked out into paying. And its probably all going to some drug/terrorist s**t!
I keep receiving faxes from this company as well!!!  Did anyone find out where they are located and a good contact number for them?
This # has been calling me numerous times including my cellphone and work phone. His name is Johnny Page, and calling me about credit legat matter, which is dumb! I don't owe anyone that I'm not paying for!
No response.
I keep getting SPAM from this company sending Insurance quotes, from at least two of their numbers, that I have never requested and do not want. Their Unsubscribe FAX is useless.Can you help put an end to their unsolilsitated faxes from that company? Their numbers are:206-309-7425 and206-376-0289Thank you,Michele T. Gillette
Got a call from an Indian guy pretending to be a 'senior crime investigator', named Oscar Thompson. I already know that there's a scam going around with these guys, trying to threaten you and claim you'll be arrested, blah blah blah. They called eight times, same guy, but they're spoofing numbers. They show up as international numbers from places like Morocco, Croatia, etc. SCAMMERS!! Don't talk to them!
i keep reciving faxes from 206-309-7425 and 206-376-0289 same insurance quote company i have sent 7  per number formal requests as per their fax and they wont stop is there any legal recourse help
I received a call from an Eric Thompson. His call came in on a 212 area code, but he left a different number - 206.203.7337. I questioned him about this and he got a little frazzled. The weird thing was the caller id number came up as 212.600.81738 There is an extra number in there. I have never seen that.

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