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Reverse Phone Check:

Received a call ~7pm PDT on my cell phone. When I picked up, a recorded voice said, "This is Survey 2010. Do you plan to vote in the Republican Primary?" I hung up before they could say more.
got a call from this number when i tried to call it back 2 times i got busy signals both times
Gotta call at 7:52 PM Pacific Time on my cell phone but left the phone in the car. They left a message with a male voice saying: "We May Call Back Later". So of course, I naturally Googled the area code by typing: 208 area codeIt's a number from the state Udaho.. not I. And I read everything here, so yah, I don't feel like taking some lame a** vote without having me laugh while doing, I'm glad I left the phone in the car.
I have received 2 calls from thsi number (automated recordings) and would like to be removed from their list.
just got an automated call from this number.  the recording asked, "Do you think Obama is doing a good job?"   I gave a knee jerk response:  I laffed and then said:  "it's not a "no", it's a HELL N O !   Then there was nothing more at the other end.  Had I checked this site first I would've hung up.
I have ignored these calls and they still keep coming; a total of at least 6 times.  Answering still perpetuates the calls. They ask if I think Obama is doing a good job. They have called my cell phone and the home phone. The recording always states that they will call again.
This is NOT a real poll, it is a scam They claim they are "BBCE" (trying to make you think they are BBC) and leave a fake call back number of 202-258-5589 - you get a recording "the number you have called is not reachable". The number on the caller ID doesn't work, either. How the scam works:If I had agreed with what they wanted (this call was slanted conservative) I'd have gotten a "real" way to talk to somebody who would have asked for a "donation" OR I would have gotten a call back from the boiler room operator asking for "help" with some "cause". There's plenty of legit groups, left and right, for you to send money too....Who knows who these people are - I do know that REAL political groups have REAL phone numbers and don't hide caller ID information. THIS IS A SCAM!! I worked in politics a bit, and we WANT you to have our name & numbers!On a side note, this is a new number I used only once - leaving it recently after making comments to Congresswoman Bachman. Then the questionable calls started... all kinds of right wing con men tryign to get my money. I'd guess she's selling phone numbers or it's one hell of a coincidence... can't trust anybody nowadays, can you?
These phone calls are pure outrageous propaganda!  Hang up...send THEM a message back!
I keep getting calls from this number but no messages are left.If it is important then they should leave a message.
208-758-0238 called and did leave a message that this was a public survey and they will call later.Caller ID   DATA2010RSRCH
didn't answer, most likely a political poll, i thought the DNC list applied to political polls as well....Wish i knew who sponsored these calls so i can decide not to vote for them....
Same as JoAnne, it filed a complaint with DoNotCall and then blocked the number.
What good does it do a polician or a business if the company they hire to make calls does not have someone on the line to talk to if the recipient of the call answers the phone? Or alternatively, what good is it not to leve a message?  My guess is they get paid by the number oof calls made and by the number of calls answered and the business or politician is paying them to do nothing. Finally, even if they speak to the person who answers the phone and the issue is controversial or an obvious negative slam against an opponent, then all they have done is annoy the person.Stupid is as stupid does, I guess..
Two cell phones received a call from this number.  Didn't answer either.
I received a call at 8 pm, no one answers.
Not sure who this is. Is there not some solution to these bull crap calls. Obviously the National Do Not Call list is a SCAM!!!!!!
This is a poll (most likely paid for by your local/state politicians). Some of them are about gay marriage and some are about your party affiliation. They will not leave a message because you're called by an autodialer. I suggest ignoring these phone calls, but they have called me twice in two days. So perhaps answering will save you from being called repeatedly.
who called me?
Do not use this company! www.businessprodesigns.comI had 5 flights booked on my credit card within in india a few month after paying for website.Always had an idea it was them
yeah i just got the call too... They asked for me by name?

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