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Got many calls at my business address and after much deliberation and cross-checking via various web sites, decided to invest.OMG hope this is no scam!!
Same MO as all you guys.  Got several unsolicited calls to my business in Ireland "are you the owner stuff with can't fail share purchase offer. How much can you afford". What a scam they can research major investment opportunities but not know what i'm worth.Their email didn't work so they sent a faxed chart drawn over by a 5 yr old. Fax number (212) 425 2676.Must go as i am running a mile from this lot.
E1 ASSET MANAGEMENT IS A SCAM!I was once employed at E1 Asset Management, 44 Wall Street. DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM! The traders have no idea what they're doing! This company will hire any one that walks in the door! Plus they treat their employees like crap! The two owners make millions by scamming people then they pocket every penny! JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE LOCATED ON WALL STREET DOES NOT MEAN ITS A GOOD FIRM! NOT ONLY DO BROKERS COME AND GO FROM THAT FIRM SO DO THE ASSISTANTS! I FEEL BAD FOR YOU IF YOU INVEST WITH THEM
Was called in Luxembourg (3-4 times) by Alvin. Same recommendations DXO, AAPL, ... . Did ask them not to call me anymore as I do not have a good feeling about this company. A lot of warnings by official banking regulation bodies against this firm. i.e
I got many calls from these guys (Trinidad). Their stock recommendations tend to double or more in 2 to 3 month periods. DXO and UYG (FEB 09) were their previous recommendations. I do not have the money they are asking for.
i have also received calls and an email from this number (Tanzania). Such a scam! Don't answer the phone!
I have had a call the last 3 days and they wanted me to invest 40,000 us dollars. I told him  not a chance to which he responded with start small and invest 20,000 us dollars. I have been ignoring has calls and there are heaps of them to.
This number called me today (Jul 13, 2009) on my private home phone in Luxembourg. Was unable to answer, but having read the comments I won't be picking up the phone if I see this number again...
They call from a hidden number as well - I have received 3-4 calls from them - and wasted maybe 2 hours of their (and my) time. They are very persistent - the words just won't stop flowing!
I got a call from a Kenneth Amadi a while ago. He told me he had calculated how the market would swing and that this was a good time to get involved in a "no lose" investment. Then he sent me email with references, etc and suggested I invest CHF 167,000. I wrote back telling him I was not interested in gambling such a sum (presuming I had it!)He called again yesterday evening and took another tack: I should invest $1,000 and watch how it grew over 3 months. He said that the E1 Asset Management funds were in the Bank of New York that had assets of over 50 trillion dollars (somewhat more than the US national debt?).So the scam is to start big but reduce the initial investment on a "try and buy" model. This sounds a bit Ponti to me so I have referred him by email to which has an article on E1 and await his comments (should there be any)
I'm in New Zealand too.Same thing.Just ignore them...
the calls your from a national research firm most of the calls are goverment research to make sure YOUR AND MY tax money is being spent wisely on this list here all i see is ignorance if you would listen you would know that all your complaining is just ignorance as they are trying to insure that your getting the correct services and that your own money is spent appropriately
2/7/09 My plan is to get a hold of SNBI and call them everyday at the same time!The CEO's are:  Mark Schulman    Albert Ronca    John BoyleIf we all called they're home # between 6-7, they could get a taste of what a nuisance they are!signed,fire with fireCheck it out:
Just received a call yesterday (6;30pm) from 239 415-4400 from caller ID SRBIand today (7:30pm 2/6/09) from 212 448 5501 number.Yes this one was a state survey.I am reporting them.I am registered DNC.
My children own Amber House Limited in Nelson, New Zealand - I'm retired.Got a call on my private mobile number at 09:41hrs NZST, Wed 28 January 2009 from a male caller with a Dublin accent asking "can I speak to the owner of the business", I asked him "the owner of what business?" he replied "Amber House, you are the owner aren't you?", I asked him to be polite enough to introduce himself and then, when he ignored my question and repeated his own, I asked him "What is your name, please?" and then he hung up.
why can't the authority do something about these callers?  are they legal?  what do they want?  where do we go to complain, and who's responsible to stop their harrassing acts?
They were representing themselves as the State of Massachusetts Department of Disease Control
Caller, again with an American accent, called and asked for the Managing Director who I said was in a meeting.  They said they would call back and I asked for a number saying I would get the Managing Director to call them instead.  When asked what they were they said "a private equity firm" and that they were called ILYA.  Googled the telephone number to find out they are E1 Asset Management.......... obviously I am not going to trouble our MD with this...!
Forget them, they still try to sell even to sceptic Swiss some fantastic opportunities.

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