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Reverse Phone Check:

i've gotten about 20 unwanted calls from this number.
That number has called me 7 times since March 10, 2010. I never answer and they never leave a message. Very frustrating!
got phone call didn't answer. Called number back using internet got music as is on hold.
I think this is a telemarketer. I am irritated. Google said it was from LA CAL I am not answering.
me too... wtf is all this
It is a under the table drug sales place, vicodin Klonapin, etc
I received 2 calls from 213 725-5285 yesterday and didn't answer. Didn't call the number back.
This number calls us, I answer, and there's nothing. When we call it back we get music.
I got a call from this number today, tried calling back and nothing.
Third day in a row that I got a call from 2137255285.  I have never answered it, and they have never left a message.  When I call the number back it plays music from the nutcracker.  I searched the number and found out that it was from a cell phone in the Los Angeles area.  Thats all I know...
Received call today.  Answered it.  Male asked for a person but when I asked who he was, he disconnected the call.  I spammm all these calls and assign a special ring - so I never answer them again.
Yup, me too. This started happening a few days ago. Haven't had the chance to answer it, but when I call it back, it plays the freaking nutcracker or something. Driving me crazy.
got a call about prescription drugs for sale.......weird
Just received a phone call and they hung up as well then i called back and got music from the Nutcracker??
I got the same call. Appeared on caller ID as if I were calling myself. Then stated redirecting. Then the 213-7255285 number. Called the number back and it never rang. The other end played music.
calls every afternoon and never leaves a message.  Called back to dead air.  Would like to know who is playing games
no one on the other end
Got a call from this number, when I answered asked for my name. I did. Then he hung up the phone. Called the number and got music on hold. Who are these guys?
Received phone call. Did not answer.

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