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Hvis du bliver ved med at ringe meg vil jeg melde deg til politi
Called me today, and they called me before but they never say anything.
De ringer og ringer og det er intet svar når jeg tar telefonen.  Veldig irriterende!  Dette skjer omtrent hver dag.
New call to day.
(215) 809-2157 is Sykes Contact management Solutions.
Cambria777 is correct. It's a follow up call from WF.  Exact same info as their mailing a couple weeks ago.
DUH - it's NOT legit, limited-brain people.  Banks do NOT call about this stuff - they send printed materials.  SCAM.
Just looked it up at, and were forwarded to this page. I will block this number now.
Bjørg againI am so fed up!!!!!  with this caller
Er så drita lei av å bli ringt opp av dette nr.Får aldri noe svar så jeg vet ikke hvem det er.
Have had five calls over two days, never answered though!
dette er veldig irriterende å bli oppringt fra dette nummere det er plagsom
They called and left a voicemail, addressing me by both my first and last name, and saying they were calling to inform me that Wells Fargo is changing how they pay ATM & Debit Cards when your checking account has insufficient funds.  They further stated that if you want to keep your Debit Card working the same way it is today, then call 877-804-4883 with your checking information ready.This is a LEGITIMATE notification to their customers.  Every single bank in the United States is informing all its customers of a new Federal Law that is taking effect on August 13, 2010.  The details of this change are described on ALL United States banks websites and in your bank statements and in flyers the banks send in the mail or hand out.  Their motive is two-pronged.  First, they MUST notify you because it's required by Federal Law.  Second, they are also trying to MAKE MORE MONEY IN FEES.  Here's what's happening...They are trying to get people to CHOOSE to keep their Debit Cards working the SAME way they are working right now, because the way they are working right now, they MAKE MONEY whenever you OVERDRAW your checking account using your DEBIT CARD.  They MAKE MONEY in LARGE FEES they charge you for COVERING THE OVERDRAFT, which is basically the same thing as them giving you a "cash advance" when you don't have funds availalbe.  They will NOT make money in fees AFTER August 13, 2010, UNLESS YOU ELECT to continue ALLOWING them to COVER THE OVERDRAFTS.  If you DON'T want your OVERDRAFTS COVERED, but instead prefer to have them DECLINE the transaction when there are insufficient funds, just DO NOTHING.  That's what will happen after August 15, 2010.  They will DECLINE your transactions when you have insufficient funds, thereby NOT MAKING ANY MONEY IN FEES THEY WOULD CHARGE YOU IF THEY COVERED THE OVERDRAFT.  If you DO want your OVERDRAFTS COVERED, you must NOTIFY THEM OF THAT CHOICE because they can NO LONGER COVER YOUR AUTODRAFTS WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, because they MAKE MONEY IN FEES every time they COVER YOUR OVERDRAFTS.This notification that they are making by phone is the same as the one in a notice posted on Wells Fargo's website.  After you log into your Wells Fargo account, go to the Statements and Documents TAB, then click the link on the right side of the page called "Debit Card Overdraft Changes."  Here is part of the text from that document:A new federal regulation is changing the way we authorizeand pay your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.What is changing?Today, Wells Fargo may approve (“authorize”) your ATM and everydaydebit card transactions even if you do not have sufficient funds in yourchecking account at the time of the transaction. Effective August 13, 2010,we will decline these transactions unless you ask us to add the Debit CardOverdraft Service to your checking account.
Who called me from this number?
veldig irriterende .ringer 1-2 ganger daglig .Svart en gjeng , svares menn Det Ikke Tilbake . Filmen stoppet dette .vurderer politianmeldelse .
Caller ID said ICT Group.  No message left.
Call from Skypes. They did not leave a message. put my number on the do not call list.
Vet ikke hvem det er, men meget irritabelt når røret legges på når jeg skal svare

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