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they are the worst humans on planet earth.
Called and asked for someone who hasn't had this phone number in over 12 years.  Good luck with that!
Unknown call
Got a call at 8:30 last night. Claimed to be from Bank of America checking to see if I received an upgraded credit card that they sent me in April. She told me they sent it to an address (from which I moved 6 years ago). She gave me the last four digits of the (supposed) old card and the last four digits of the (supposed) new card. When she started to ask for other personal information I asked for her phone number so I could call her back once I verified that she was, indeed, from B of A. She said I couldn't call direct, but gave me an 800 number. This morning I checked all of my credit cards and I don't even have one issued by B of A. When I called the number she gave me 1-800-823-1538, I got a recording that identified it as Cruise One or Cruises Inc. I never got a real person to talk with.When I called the number that appeared on my caller ID, it was answered as "card services". When I asked if they were employed by Bank of America to contact their customers, the lady assured me that they were and that I only got a "courtesy call" to thank me for my business. When asked for their physical location she said Northern Illinois but could not give me the street address for "security reasons". Area code 216 is in Ohio!Has anyone tried to report this to Bank of America? Is this legitimate? Is there a government agency that might be interested?
This company called me earlier today (as they do every day several times) from a different number - 469-201-7025.  Same company.  I don't answer.  I did once & there was silence.  They don't leave a message.  Very very annoying.
Whoever they are, they're still at it.  Got a call the other day - one of several over the last few months.  I don't even answer the phone now that I recognize the number.  Never a message left.  Very suspicious.
Have received numerous calls from 2165458326. When I answer there is silence. They never leave a message when the answering machine picks up.I have a telezapper, maybe that will discourage the repeat calls.
I keep receiving calls, usually in the evening, from 216-545-8326.  I didn't pick up the first couple times they called because I didn't recognize the number from Caller ID.  About the 4th or 5th call, I answered, and someone just started moaning, and then asked if "Dolly" was there.  When I said that this was "Dolly," they started singing, "Well, hello Dolly, well hello, Dolly . . . ."
I answered...Hello...and all I got in return was heavy breathing....for 30 seconds...then it hung up !!!!
I called Bank of America, and the lady said that it was a promotional call, I asked her to stop all calls to my home unless it was a fraud alert.  She said it would take up to 30 days for the calls to stop.   Hope that helps.
The caller wanted to speak to "Lynn" and when I said he wasnt' here...she hung up.
did not answer the phone because the number was not familiar, but looked it up on line and got info regarding a scam.  Will put them on my "do not call list.
they call me all the time and i tell them to stop but they keep calling....i work third shift and slepp during the day this is getting old fast
FIA Card Services is the same as Bank of America, so this sounds like it could be legitimate.
Has showed up several times on CID. On the two occasions I answered a male and then a female claimed to be Bank of America reps and wanted personal info. Hung up and called REAL Bank of America CC Fraud division. Reported this number and incident to them. They haven't heard of this number either.
I've received many calls from this number; I ignore them since I do not recognize the Caller ID information (FIA Card Svs).  Seeing the comments posted on this web site I'm glad I've ignored them.  I plan to file a complaint with the FCC since they follow up on theses scams and fine the party who uses that telephone number.If others wish to file a complaint, go to and look in the left-hand side of the web site, which lists "file a complaint."  Fill out the form and hope the FCC whacks themwith the usual $10,000 fine!!
Received a phone call from this number today.  Female introduced herself and said she was a Bank of America representative.  Then the line disconnected.  I called back the number listed in my mobile phone's call log.  A woman answered and said "Hello, my name is ____ (don't remember it) and I'm your Bank of America Accounts Manager.  Can I have your credit card number so that I may better assist you?" I knew immediately it was a scam, but the woman wouldn't provide me any details unless I gave her personal information (which I didn't) and she also tried to find out what number I was calling from.  I told her I did not believe she was calling from Bank of America and I would be calling Bank of America directly. THIS IS DEFINITELY AN IDENTITY THEFT SCAM!  BE VERY CAREFUL!
I was very kind to this caller who claimed to be from Bank of America.  She called my cell phone and asked for my wife.  I work at a large bank and was immediately suspicious.  I tried to find out what the purpose was and she said that is was a "courtesy call."  That is a LIE!  There is no such thing at a bank!  She wouldn't leave a name or tell me what division she worked in.  She did NOT work for BoA.  Do NOT GIVE INFORMATION!
claimed he was Vincent Shepard calling from Bank of America, but Bank of America did not have any record of needing to speak to me.
Wanted SS#, bank info, or credit card info to verify I was who they were calling. Refused to clerify who they were until I gave them info. I refused.

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