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Reverse Phone Check:

Got a call.  Didn't answer.  Didn't get a message.
Got a call 8 Feb 2010 ~1745 PST. No one there.
Same here....
Stupid phone call!
Yep, i just got it too, trying to figure out who would call me from Chicago Illinois?? That's where google says the number is from...
Me, too ... called, no message and I have no idea who or why !
got a call, didnt pick up, do not recognize the number
damn tele-marketers!!!!!
Just got this call too, on my business cell. This phone is used for warranty emergency service calls, so I was happy no one was on the other end!Still...freaking telemarketers...
I answered and they were speaking in Spanish.
anyone else notice that this thread, and the calls, must've started around february 8th? The first post on page 1 was on Feb 8th, and even now, the latest post, and today it's only the 9th. So this literally just started.
same here, on my business mobile number, glad I didn't answer.
I got a call from this number too on my cellphone just now. I didn't answer. They didn't leave a voicemail.
I received call on my cell on the 8th at 3:20 EST. I don't answer unknowns. Just now I'm sitting here surfing and my son's cell phone rings and it's the same number. It came up both times name unknown.
Hey guys i just missed this call about a minut ago aswell. I would have answered but I didnt here the phone ring. Any body have a clue what this is?
george - it's nothing important. a scam is what it is
Got the call a minute ago on my Go Phone.  I ended up losing $1.10 listening to some Spanish, that I didn't understand.
me too. Just pickup the phone and listened a lady speaking Spanish on the end.
That number came up on my daughters cell phone. I answered it and it was someone speaking spanish. The call was about 20sec or so long.
Did not recognize nember. Call this number back states...out of order no longer in service.

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