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This number calls me 3 or 4 times a day - it's really annoying. I never pick up, but I might pick up next time and ask to be placed on the do not call list.
I just had 218-724-2094 call me. I let my answering machine take it and they hung up. Thank God for answering machines. It must ne a telemarket SPAMMER.I live in area code 215
Hello, Joe again. I called Steve at X 111 this morning and explained that I reported his companny to the Do not call list. He explained to me that the reason why a call was made to my number is because a company already has an existing business relationship with me. He asked for my number, which I gave to him, and discovered it was "Allstate" Insurance company who sub-contracts out with his firm to make such calls. I then asked that my number be removed and he told me that he'll comply with my request and notify Allstate of same. I was happy.I also explained that there is a blog on "Google" with his company's telephone numer, which he seemed to be aware of, or at least didn't act surprised. Apparently his number has been getting a lot of complaints. I furthermore explained to Steve that I thought the initial call by his company was an invasion of my privacy.I suggest if you receive a call from teh aforementioned telephone number, ask for extention 111, speak to "Steve" with the same request I did. He seemed happy to comply. Hopefully, this is all that it'll take to stop the nuisance calls from 218-724-2094.Regards,       Joe
I get this call 2 or 3 times a day, and it's been on going for a couple months. I don't answer my phone if I don't know who it is, and they never leave a message.  Today I happened to be sitting at my computer and did a Google search on the number and came up with this site. Sorry that I'm not the only one they are bothering! I did call them back and asked them who they were and why they were calling me.  She rattled off about 6 or 7 different companies they do business with... "quality control" she called it.  She said she would send my number to "internal do not call" and have it taken off their list.  We'll see.
I have received seven calls from 218-740-2135 in the last 9 days at the following times:11:18 am Nov 29  5:35 pm Nov 2811:12 am Nov 28  6:02 pm Nov 2610:56 am Nov 24  4:57 pm Nov 23  4:16 pm Nov 21I am on both the state and federal DNC lists.  When I have answered, there is never anyone there, just a click and a dial tone.  When I have not answered, they never leave a message.  For those of you who have called this number back and asked to be removed from their call list, did it work?
I received a call from this number my caller ID says it is a Minnesota call, no message was left.  I am on my state and the federal no call list.  I have reported the number to my state attorney general's office as a tell-a-marketer that is violating the no call list.
How can you report or block this number?
It's All State Motor Club... do most of you have All State car, home owners, etc., insurance?
I just received a call from them.  Since I have caller I.D., I didn't answer based on the name.  They did not leave a message.218 is the area code for  the northern half of Minnesota; 724 prefix is in the Duluth area.
I just received a call from this # and when I answered they hanged up. I was reading through the comments here and was wondering is there any similarities between everyone here. I'm also on the no call list. Sounds like somebody needs to go after this link one company to stop them.
We have been receiving calls from this number, but when we pick up, no one answers.
Called once, didnt pick up. Checked this site. Called again, picked up this time and told them I'm a director for the FCC and that we'll be investigating this call and the company as well as their calling lists and scrubbing techniques for DNC. He hung up instantly.
I received a call from 218-740-2135 and there was no response when I answered the phone.  So, I called the number back I had on my called ID and received a voice mail with instructions. I opted to speak to a customer rep who said I would be removed from their list.  Hope so... I was nice and so were they.Give them a call and they will take you off their list hopefully.  I am on a no call list.
Another telemarketer
called and asked to speak to my minor son when I asked to take a message was told they would call back.  I won't be answering again and neither will he.
I received a call three times during the last two weeks in the late afternoon from 218-740-2135 with my ID saying it's a "MINNESOTA CALL." I normally screen my calls not answering numbers I don't recognize, but they never leave a message on my phone answering machine so I guess it's not that important.
I know they work for centurytel communications however you spell it
This number has called twice in the past 24 hours.  I answered the second time and he said he was from Xcel Energy and wanted to know if we could set up a time to let the gas man in to inspect the meters.  I told him I was not the landlord and asked if this was a telemarketing call.  He got pretty rude and explained himself again.  I told him it was not my position to be letting people in to my building.  The scary thing is is that he knew my name and my address.
I just got a call from these guys. I think they might have called me once before last month. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.
Got another call from 218-740-2135. They hang up as soon as I answer.

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