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Reverse Phone Check:

Received a call this morning about the opportunity to lower interest rate to 6.9%. After pressing 9 a man with a very low deep voice asked if I was calling about the interest rate. When I asked him what card he was referring to he hung up. Same story as the rest of the posts . . . tried calling back; no answer. I have enough stress keeping my head above water from real creditors . . . don't need the fake ones!!!
same here, got a few from 219-000-5567, I'm on the do not call list too...
It says press 9 to lower your credit bill interest rate to 6.9%, the time is about to expire.  Then a live person comes on the line.  Say's "you're interested in lowering your rate?"  I replied "Yes, but FIRST I want to know WHO is calling,  WHAT company is this?"*CLICK*  the line went dead.  She hung up on me immediately
I was not home when I received this call and the area code is the same as where I go to college so I freaked out. They did not leave a message and has not called since. Thanks to reading these post I know its not from my school and not to answer it now. Thank you!
10/29/2010  10:44 AM Indianapolis. I let this unrecognized number go to voice mail and the never left any message. I'm on the Indiana Do Not Call list as well as the Federal Do Not Call list.
10/29/2010 10:30 AM Indianapolis.  I Did not answer.  They left No Message. I'm on the state and fed no call list. is the fake company - they move the number around to avoid the do-not-call list. will post anything new I find
all 000 numbers are bogus and created thru the internet by use of that phone software which presents a fake number to your caller id or forces caller id to display no information as if your providers caller id software was corrupted again.
recieved this call but didnt leave a message. i am on the fed list of do not call
got a call from 219-000-5567       I could  not make out what this female voice was saying.  Who has 000 phone numbers?
On the DO NOT CALL LIST FEDERAL AND STATE, this company is about to get into major amount of trouble.
Call with hangup on voice mail 5/28/10 - hubby also received call from the infamous "Rachel" a couple of days ago - review of call log we get via Vonage reveals same number.
I continue to receive phone calls from the automated system that refers to my credit cards etc etc but when I talk to a live person and ask to be removed from their calling list they get nasty and call me a "b*%ch.
Call rcvd in Seattle area 10:27am May 26th on a multi-line system.  Immediate recorded msg.  "Pressed" 9 to reach Help.  He would only say "Card Services" and give no other info.  He disconnected after repeated questioning.  Unable to determine the number or who he was calling or his real calling number.  Entered tracking  *57.
I have received a call from this number several times, the voice is recored and say's it is Rachel. They make reference to credit cards, but do not identify which card, but states there is no problem. I would like this to be stopped. Since I am not, and never been behind in any payments, this is very suspicious. I am also on the no call list for Federal and State, so any advice would be appreciated
leaves no info. just calls. tried to call back but it says diconnected.

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