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Reverse Phone Check:

I keeping getting text messages from this number.  I have no idea who or why.
unwanted call from this number at all times of day, surely a scam
This is going to sound weird!  But for those of you that got text messages from 222-222-2208.  The text messages may be generated from your friends or love ones!Here are the details:1. You'd received two text messages at the same time and they are both blank.2. These are PICTURE messages that do not show up on the received cell phones.3. The Cell Phone Provider is t-mobileThe only thing I can think of is that the RECEIVED phones are of those super cheap cell phones that you have that do not have the capability of taking PICTURE or receiving PICTURE messages.  In other words, the phones are not capable of displaying PICTURE.Once someone sent a PICTURE message to these types of phones, you'd received two blank text messages at once.  The Cell Phone Provider's servers would try to resent the message again within the next 15 minutes (3 tries total), each time the server resent the message, the receiver gets two blank text messages.This maybe a glitch from the Phone Provider itselfTo test this theory, try sending a picture message to the "cheap" phone and see for yourself.
I wount now ho was testing by these number2222222208 please could tell my
Can anyone tell me what these messages say?  How can this number be blocked?
Keeping get 2 texts at a time from this number~ wtf!!!
Get text from this number serveral times a day
gotten 15 text messages from this number location on mobile bill says mauritania wherever that is.
received multiple text messages from this line
Received messages from this #
I to keep getting text and some have xxx pics on them. I do not want anymore of this stuff.
got 14 text from this number today - make it stop!
Who is this I'm getting txt mgs from this same number
i get 4 calls with this number but i dont know who calls or what they want.
I been getting call from this number
ami hoy me hablo ese num pero m dio un poco de desconfianza tomar la llamada!! pero como dicen las promociones siempre se dan en el centro de atencion no asi!! es mejor prevenir!!!
holaa lucia, tmb soy de poza rica y me amrco ese numero xd
ami me hablaron igual de ese numero que por que supuestamente estuvieron checando y yo ago recagas arriba de los 400 pesos mensuales y que ellos me ofrecian un plan mas por menos 3 y cosas asi y  la chika estuvo hablando serca de 8 minutos y hatsa que deplano le dije que no me interesaba pero ami se me iso muy raro y entonces desidi buscar el numero en internet y encontre esta pagina realmente sea de telcel o no en la actualidad hay que desconfiar hasta de su propia sombra saludos desde veracruz y suerte compañeros

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