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Reverse Phone Check:

i was asked to claim my wining
i was asked to claim my wining
Send ur email or real web site
Send ur email or real web site
how call
I have been trying the number for but I never speak with their representative for once are they real?
They are bunch of robbers colluding with telephone operators to waste your call credits.
got a call from euro casino online, when i called  i was answered but my money finished can someone tell me if it is real there web site,country to li2ulmax
i recieve an sms that i won 13847.36$, pincode 67854368 & customer id 22273480 respectively add that my cheque is still pendinq. my bank account is 016505010024301 fidelity bank plc, a/c name is samuel cyprian.
i recieved an sms that i won 13847.36$ with a pin code and customer id number add that my cheque is still pending . is it true,if it is pls let me known.
The Have sent well over 20 sms to my phone in Nigeria that |I won13,000 Euro
i received a similar text and almost fell victim, these kind of people should be exposed and brought to book.
these people are mad, to think i almost fell victim, in these harsh economic conditions telling me i won 13000 euros.God will punish you
they called me for times dat i won 13 grand dat i shld call 4 my money but the num isnt goin tru. is dis casino of a tin real or its a scam?
they call to inform me about my winning in their casino online.i want them to sell me there e-mail address
I receive d same text too but i try calin d number but wan't goin tru dis is my id:23565892 & pin 67854368. My cel number -08023565892
got the same message also
i received the same message too and tried the cell no but I fink it wasn't through..................maybe scamszzzz

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