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Fik samme besked, på facebookGodt man kan tjekke det her.
i got it too so we all very rich   ha ha ha
yes I got the same message, lots of relatives and the same amount of money....i guess we are all rich or yet another scam...
i received a message on facebook  from a larry o johnson saying that a relative called engr j.p ********** had died, and to contact him
and I :)
we recieved the same one is it a scam ?
I got the same message today on my facebook, only with the name Barr.J.Mensah
had the same message!delete it cause it is dangerous!
I got the same must be a scam! I would never respond to it and delete it from my Facebook inbox.
Recieved the same message only from a man names Larry O. Johnson!
i got the same msg on my facebook !!
Dear..xxxxx   xxxxxxx,I have receved this message on facebook:I am Barrister Bathurst Garnier,a solicitor at law.I have an important message for you concerning the death of your relative Engr.J.P.xxxxxxx,and the funds US$9.6 million he left behind in bank here in my country (Togo),Contact me at ( for the full details.I await your urgent response Asap.RegardsBarr. Bathurst Garnier.Call me +228 0789554.
Just like some others I didn't answer the call from this number.
I say we all call bomb this number @ a particular time and destroy the service...anyone with me?
got the call from erica or something regarding the credit card. pressed 2 and the call was discontinued. my guess a scam but who knows.
Received a call from this number this morning on my cell.  Lady said..."Mr. XXXXXXX, I'm calling from the Fraud Alert Center regarding an inquiry on your social security number this morning, please hold the line while I collect that information"......2 min goes by, hang up.  No return call.  Got me to thinking so I called AMEX, etc., nothing going on.  Called Lifelock, nothing.  Called cell provider for info on this number.   Bahamian company routing calls through Mississippi. If you hang on the line for 30 seconds, you begin being charged an ENORMOUS amount of money.  Cell provider said that it's now widespread and they are trying to stop it but near impossible.  They immediately removed the charge but many people don't look over there bills and just assume they went way over.
Got a call on my cell phone but didn't answer it.  No message was left on my cell phone from this number.
Called about credit card but doesn't identify which one.  Knock it off you guys.  You're costing me money!
This number has been disconnected.  I tried to call it back.  It called my cell phone.  I missed the call, no voicemail left.

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