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Reverse Phone Check:

Nuisance call.
We just added them to the call screen (called call rejection on some phone services).  They should now get a 'polite' message stating we are not accepting calls from this number.  Can add up to twelve numbers to the list.
These people do not give up. How the he** do you get rid of them? It's like because you have a phone number, anyone can enter the privacy of your home. I am SOOOOOO sick of it.
When asked if I would complete a survey I tell them "YES", but I warn them that I am a cronic LIAR.  The phone goes dead!    When I get sales calls I ask them: Why would I do business with someone who is breaking the law?  You see I am on the Do Not Call List.  Again they hang up!  But I feel as if I have won this round!!!!
They called my cell phone number about 5 times even though I told them not to call me again. Everytime I asked to be removed they hung up on me.I have a low tolerance for calls on my cell phone. I use it for work and personal and I don't have many minutes.
The "research" people have been calling at least twice a day and the evening calls, as late as 9pm are the most annoying. If you answer the call and ask to be removed from their call list, they will argue with you that it isn't a sales call. When told that I don't care what they are I want my name removed, they hang up on you. Still, the calls continue. Help!
I have rec'd several calls from this number, they leave no address and when I did answer-there was no response.  They just called again tonight and it is 11 PM.  I usually associate late night calls with an emergency so I make an effort to get to the phone to answer it - no one there!  Just caller id of Research Center.
I got a call last night at 10:25pm!!!  I was in bed and almost asleep.  When the phone rings at that time of the night, you think it's a family emergency, so you just answer it without even checking the caller id (not to mention I couldn't read it anyway without my glasses ... and in the dark no less!).  When the caller said she was from a research center, I asked her if she knew what time it was where she was calling and she said "I do apologize for the inconvenience ..."  I cut her off and said, "I don't accept your apology; GOOD NIGHT!"  I've sent an email to telling them that if it happens again, I will research my legal options.  We'll see how that goes!
this place is a pain in the a**  .  they call three to four times a day
I've been getting calls from this number on my cell phone as well. How the heck did they get my cell number? They keep calling between 6pm - 9pm. At least 4 times a day. No message and no one on the other end!
I live in Nebraska, this company called on 5-5-08 at 9:58 p.m.!!!
I called the number back and got a recording about how my opinion matters and they would use my info to help in research.  They said their website was I went to the website and emailed them about my annoyance.  We will see what they say.
Kyle Smith was the manager I spoke to when they called me.  I got their call at 9:42 PM on 5/1/08! I am currently writing the FCC to complain about them.  I got him to admit the company name was "Mountain West Research".  They call several times a week, but this is the first time it was after 9:00 PM.I swear if I knew where they were right now I'd be driving there tonight! Please, someone, post the address of this call center in Michigan.  I am in Nebraska but I'd love to pay Kyle a surprise visit and this trip would be worth the gas money!
Pestered to death with calls from these people. Their computer talks to my answering machine. They leave a message with a reference number and want me to call them back. Ain't gonna happen!
these people call me day and night! I'm sick of this crap thank you for your help.
They called me just before 9:00pm like telemarketers are allowed..Said was John Rodriguez with a Mexican Oops Hispanic accent.  John wanted to do just a survey about radio stations in my area.  Asked me all sorts of questions about Call Station letters, DJ's and music played on these stations.  Had nothing better to do so I did the survey.  When he orginally called he asked for me by first and last name.  I never verified who I was but said would take the survey.  After all the questions he asked me to verify my first and last name and my home phone for his supervior.  I told "John" I'm not verifing anything and he thanked me for my time.  I've had other calls such as these and they are not on the telemarketers list of "DO NOT CALL" they are not selling.  These call are usually outside survey companies that are hired by cell phone companies to see if you still have a land line or not.  They really do use the information for research and are not bounded by any laws unfortnately.  However, if yo do ask them to stop calling and they don't contact your local phone company and if you keep logs after the third call the phone company will file harrassment charges on your behalf.  The phone company has you use some *** number.  Just contact them if you're that interested.  Hope this helps!!!  TRUST ME IT PISSES ME OFF TOO!!!!!  Oh and the same thing...Mountain West Research Company...231-224-2032
called 4/06/08 at 3:56
Called and no leave a message
I received a call from this number on 3/31/08 at 8:37 pm.  They have made several calls to my number at night and never left a message.  This time I answered the phone - when I did they identified themselves as a "Research Survey" business.  I told them I was on the national no-call list and they hung up.  Very annoying!!
1. the numbers gives the following web site http://www.mwrcenter.com2. the web site lists the following contact info   Mountain West Research Center   775 Yellowstone Ave. #227   Pocatello, ID 83201   Phone: 208.232.1818   Fax: 208.232.1466   Email: contact@mwrcenter.com3. when I press zero I get the following name and cell phone #   jerry shears   cell 208-317-32634. when I call this cell phone it sys jerry shears.5. I left a message for him to remove me from all call lists.6. we'll see if it helps

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