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- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

I also got a miss call from this number last night. Im also a post paid sun subcriber.
same experience here...just few mins ago and i have existing postpaid application from Sun. I really thought it's from them. This should be reported if it's not connected to sun
Same here. I got missed calls from this number. I never had a chance to talk to the girl. I'm also using sun postpaid. Maybe this is not a coincidence.
I just got a call from 2409187 from a girl saying my loyalty card is ready, but she disconnected while talking.My phone happened to be with someone else and she answered that call. I'm also a sun postpaid subscriber. I never applied for a loyalty card. How can we report this to Sun Cellular? i hope this isn't an inside job coz she knows my name and details.
very annoying no. just experienced a few seconds ago.
got the same number but always busy.. my line is a sun postpaid too
mine to. always got a missed call from that number...i also think that it is sun..because of i apply on sun postpaid
missed calls evry afternoon is already annoying.. i remember i also applied for sun post paid plan.
my network is sun too, and its a postpaid too, and my number was just 1 day old at that time, so i was freak out a li'l who was that.. guess the call is from sun itself...
I had the same number and I thought it is a company :)
same no. was calling from my cell and landline
I got a missed call also from the same number. Same thing- I tried to call back but it's always busy.
same number,a missed call on my mobile. tried to call always bussy
same number,a missed call on my mobile. tried to call always bussy
I got also same # called to me once and when I called back to it is always busy. Same thing happened. Mind if what company was that?
I received a call from this number asking to speak with my husband who has been dead for 20 years.
this number keeps calling no one there when we pick up. I have don't call  and this is becoming very anoying.
Got three calls from this number. Wanted to speak to my last hubby who has been dead for 17 years. Said someone in the household was diabetic..I said they were mistaken and I was on the no call list and was going to report them. No more calls since.
I keep getting calls from this number 240-507-1192 daily at all hours.  Caller ID shows Bethesda.I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST.  I don't answer the phone because I don't know who this number belongs to but they never leave a message.
I didn't start getting calls from this number until I got on the no-call list, so they might be using the no-call list as one source for numbers.  Since then I've gotten 14 calls in less than a month, but I've got the number blocked so it doesn't ring.  I only see it as a missed call.  I'm going to submit a complaint on that number, but if they're coming from outside the US it might not help.  Since I've been on the no-call list, and after the 31 day waiting period, I've complained about several numbers which called me (one even sent a text message).  The number of marketing or whatever calls has decreased. The best way to stop telemarketing calls is probably to make complaints.  The government fines companies a lot of money for making these calls.

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