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nice call, nice comments, hope I didn't have to pay $10 a minute or something :(
247-478-6277Got the call this morning at 9:45. I'm in Katy."loved and appreciated for all that you do" I called the number back and it's a non working number.
Wow! I just got the call and I'd like to think it's one of God's angels!!!!!!!!
Hey Manuela - Que Pasa
You guys are all crazy to be worried about this phone call.  Aren't you more worried about other matters in your lives than a phone call telling you that you are loved.  You people need to take a chill pill and relax.
Received call at 1:06PM Jan. 11.  Something about how much is was appreciated and loved.
Got the same call this morning- 10:33 in Houston area??? Yeah- sure.. who calls and says you are "loved and appreciated for all that you do?" without telling you WHO it is? This is most likely a SCAM of some sort- and I agree with the comments above- DO NOT CALL IT BACK!
Got the call and I'm in Houston. I calls like that, with all the frekin ID theft. SOB's.
Sorry, I HATE calls like that.
247 478-6277how can we stop it?
I received a call from this number but did not answer.  I am also in the Houston area.
This call was on my caller id from 10 am this morning.  I also live in the Houston area.  Anyone know who it is other than Unavailable?
I am also on do not call list but got this call on 1/07/08.  It said Unavailable on Caller ID and the message was also telling me that I am appreciated and loved.
I got the same very nice message. Another site indicates most of the recipients are in the Houston area. Odd.
The telephone number spells out "Christmass".  What's that about?
it said you are appreciated and loved.
Though message is very nice would like to know who it is that is calling.
This page: shows the Ascension Islands having a 247 area code.  I'm thinking this is a scam call to get you to rack up international charges, so don't call it.
unslolicited call.  I am on the do not call list and received this recorded giberish

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