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don't know why im on this call list and I want OFF
I donate to and participate in many breast cancer awareness drives etc. As a woman this is very important to me. However, as a fundraiser myself (for low-income seniors) I know that when a potential donor says "slow the contact" or "please NO contact" you heed this. The people who request slow or no contact will probably never give. That's OK (saves money), but what's worse is if the charity doesn't honor the no contact request and the person who said "leave me alone" gets to talking with a friend at a party and well, you know how word spreads.Folks who own this 248-351-5662 phone pls, CUT IT OUT. Practice decency before I have to report you to the FCC. I hope you are representing reputiable Breast Cancer Awareness groups (Susan G Komen and the like). If so, I applaud you but pls contact me thru the other avenues I have already given and if you phone contact someone for a donation make sure you caller ID doesn't say "unknown"
Calling for United States Navy Veterans Association, ask for a donation. After I check the phone number they will not get anything from me. But the keep calling.
Caller ID shows this number - 248-351-5662 - and Southfield, MI. Where the heck IS Southfield, MI?  I don't answer when I see this number on caller ID.  Shows up about once or twice a week on my home phone.
They have called several times today.  when the answer machine picks up, it is a recording asking ME to leave a message after the tone and they are the one who called.
Constanly calls,leaves no message, I am on a DO-NOT Call list.
they keep calling me leave me alone
To be advised, this is a Michigan area code.
they just keep calling.
This number appears on my caller id several times per day.  They are calling to thank me for my dontation to the Navy Veterans, then to thank my for my donation to Breast Cancer Research.  Neither of which I have made donations to.
yep, hanson's. I entered there contest once from WRIF's website and it took about 5 times telling them to stop calling me..Unknown to my wife, she just entered us for a hanson's contest....and it starts again....
Call came in while I was on another call; no message left.  I called it back,(blocked my ID), and after about 3 minutes someone answered, talked so fast I couldn't understand what he said beyond his name.  I entered a contest to win windows from Hansons, not to purchase at this time.
I have received several calls from this number and they say the same thing over and over, they want to verify my information and have someone come to my home to give me a quote for windows......hmmmm if this is a contest why would one need a quote?
this number calls me at least 5 times a day all times of the day & night! Nice to know who it is now!
This company calls me everyday - several times a day and quickly hangs up or puts me on forever hold, well tonight I held for 28 minutes and finally the person picks up and says thank you for holding this is HANSONS, well I entered a radio contest as well and one of the prizes is from HANSONS, she was not thrilled that I would not set-up an appt. after she told me I was not a winner, so I asked them to remove my # from their system.  Hope this helps everyone else.
Me too - entered to win the contest from a local news channel website and now Im getting calls with no one there.
same thing here. i signed up for a contest. and now they call me daily and never leave a message.
Someone called after my daughter entered my name in a %50,000 house makeover.  I set up an appointment for this coming Tuesday (1/13/09), but now I wish to cancel this appointment.  I have been hounded in the past by these people.  My daughter hasn't had this experience with them, and didn't understand the amount of hassle one gets from them.  PLEASE, DON'T CALL AGAIN.
WOW I love the google search engine....thanks you so much I was wondering where this number was coming from....
It gets real frustrating; the constant calls, no voice mails.  I called back and was hung up on twice I believe.

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