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Reverse Phone Check:

Curious, so googled myself here.  Rogers had called an hour or so earlier, so their auto-dial's messed up and called TWICE, second time blank on the other line, and the hangup.  Hey, I think we should all complain, and get $10 off our monthly bill.  Uh-huh?
It's Rogers..I was on the phone with them for 30mins..When I heard the beep..I got a message asking "If your happy with the service press 1..."
Same as the rest.  Called and didn't leave message.
Called at 1:53 AST. Didn't answer, no message. Grrr
I just received the same number calling me... and my cell phone says its from Virginia... It probably is Rogers
i received the call shortly after being on the phone with rogers regarding something else. The call was "from rogers" to complete a survey but before i could begin responding, i was disconnectedsomething shady about this, I get BS from bell telemarketers only much much worse
Yeah, got a call from it just now; 10:40AM PST.  Tried to call it back, "The # you have dialed is not valid.  Please check the # and dial again."  Googling the 249 area code indicates it's Sudan.  Odd.
this caller hangs up
A few days ago, I got a call from 000-000-0000 but was not at home to answer.Today there was a call from 1-249-275-8042, which the phone book indicates is Khartoum, in the Sudan.This is very interesting, I guess.
Automated Rogers asking "If you are happy with.... Press 1 for yes and 2 for no"  Sounded fishy, never heard of a 249 prefix. Just *57'd em.
Yeah i got the same call its some stupid automated survey.
left a dead air message on the phone
It looks like I got the same call, What can be done?
Got a call from this number and I guess it is rogers as I just bought a new phone from them. This is a very stupid thank you call if they dont speak or leave a message.
this number called me for roger's automated quality survey in response to me calling to TAKE ME OFF their calling lists.. how freaking ironic.
This the same number that called my phone and no one responded.  I just hung up.  how can i be put on their do not call list?
Just got a phone call from this number - didn't leave a message.  Tried to call back - said the number is disconnected or out of service (can't remember which).  The thing is - I don't think area code 249 even exists!
Same problems as the rest; this number called my phone and didn't leave a message.
We just a got a call from this number, after saying hello a couple of times, noone answered, I immediately requested to be put on their do not call list, in case it was a telamarketer
Someone called and hung up on me. When i tried calling back it said that the phone number is disconnected.

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