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Fools! I called them back last week and gave them my details. This morning I awoke to find a brand new Lotus parked in the driveway and received a cheque for $1m at a special presentation hosted by the King of Jordan. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Just mount it and ride off into the sunset.
i got 1 today from [email][/email] they must have close all the other scams, i wish we jail these tools but theirs always 1 d***head out there.i wish they would just get a JOB
Loki, you are repeating yourself. Take a pill and lie down. While I drink my champagne.
Meet you out on the street corner then. We'll film a remake of Pretty Woman.
White people are black on the inside too. So show some mercy. Cutty cutty boom boom, Johoyo in da house.
I got the exact same message...... Unbelievable! So ridiculous to waste their time, let alone ours!
Dehli 2010 is over people. Shelia Dixshit performed a closing ceremony. We all saw it with our own eyes. If you are desperate for Commonwealth Games action, you will have to wait another 4 years. ramnik5 knows this to be true.
i got a message frome world bank int'l relief effort award& i'm so glade to be a part of it i just wonna know how am i reach my e-mail address is ( my self-phone is 00251911022721and i'm the right person for sure won 7.8m us$ faithful abdirahman
First of all thank you for your message.I have got a message it  said that congratulation your mobile won  us $7.8 m for world bank int'l relief   effort award.For further contact in my mobile number 09 12 00 79 91.Best regards.
Please send me ur tel Number0911556011
I have receved atext message 'congratulations your mobile have won US$7.8M for World Bank Int'l Relief Effort Award.Please help me how can I commmunicate with the Award
I am Etiopiy and got 1 text messages saying congratulations your mobile have won US$7.8M for World Bank Int'l Relif Effort Award. To contact Mrs.A.Bellver Via:[]I do not know if this messageplease help
It's from World Omni Bank. They also do finance for Toyota.
i've got multiple calls everyday from this number.  they do not leave a message and i do not have a mitsubishi account.  I don't know what to do.
this number 251-639-7500 is from mitsubishi collection so if you have a mitsubishi account its for that...
I thought this might be a scam by prepaid phone company I use, to get me to spend more "minutes" unwittingly (15 cents a minute!!).  Ugh.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I wouldn't put it past at&t to do something like that.  lolThere should be a way to petition phone numbers into a block from all service providers.  IE-website you go to to provide a harrassing phone number, such as this one, and after x number of complaints, voila! blocked from calling everyone in the us/world/whatever country.  DERRRRR[](* ,)
I just received a call from this phone number. They asked I supply my Date of Birth and Address. I told them I would not give out that information over the phone. They then informed me that they already had this information - and was my year of birth 1973. It is not. I told them so, and they asked if "I was sure". I hung up.
My God!  Who is this that keeps calling me 5 -6 times a day.  I've called it back and answered the call and get nothing.  Somebody make it stop.
I've recieved several calls a day from this number. I didn't answer at first, and they didn't leave a message. When I finally did answer, it was strange. There was a voice recording that didn't seem reliable. I've answered a few times, just to find out who the hell it was. Now, I'm pissed, and I want it to stop.

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