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i received a call from this number and an african woman said she found my resume online and wanted to offer me a job.i only now looked up the number and beleive the call came from somalia, africa, which has the country code 252.and i believe this is an identity theft operation.what better way to obtain someones birthday, social security number, etc than by conning a person to fill out a phishing job application???
Please can you guys stop calling
They called me yesterday at 3:50p (CST) & the message was a female that just said hello. It's missing a number bc it's an international number. I believe it's in the UK. I definitely don't know anyone from that part of the world.
They just called me 5mins ago, I picked up the phone and did not say anything and they just hung up...Who is this they called me yesterday about this same time and i did not answer and they did not leave a message.
I am sick and tired of these "SCAM" ARTIST jerks calling everybody's cell phone and land-line phone with 9 digit numbers and just agitate the "HELL" out of good people "I'M MAD AS HELL . AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE !!!!!
I keep getting a call from this number. They call me every day, at least 3-4 times a day. I never pickup and I am not sure where they got ahold of my number and why they never leave a text/voice message. I can't even call the number back because there is a digit missing.
They have called on my cell for the last 3 days. No VM left.
they call my cell every day. It is North Carolina. When I call them back it is a recorded message saying please try your call again, then goes into a spanish message. I call forwarded my cell to house phone and I answered it a few seconds ago and there was no one on other end
What is with the number?(252)345-537  There's a number missing
I just got one right now...didn't answer but they left no message
I've gotten a call from this number everyday for the past 3 days...any idea who in the world this is? It's not even a full phone number, which is crazy...
missed call no message
They called me 1 hr. ago on 9/7/2010.  Missed call & left no message.
they call me no message, who are these people?
I got one too at 401!
missed call no message
Just missed a call 5 minutes ago on my cell. No message
They called my cell.
I received a call yesturday from the BCI with an officer by the name of Tom. I really couldn't understand him because he had a middle eastern accent.  The number that was provided for me was 252-915-3138 ext. 420.  The guy had given me a file number and stated that I had taken out a internet payday loan with USA Cash Advance in the amount of $300.  He told me that the company was going to press charges on me for three counts, if i did not settle this matter out of court. He stated that I can pay 1035.00 to avoid going to court.  He would only tell me how much the loan was for not the date of it or anything like that, he stated he could be held in trouble if he gave my any more information beside from the year the loan was supposely taken out.  At the beginning I thought it was serious, since I dealt with a company with similar name, extra live cash, but I called them and verify I did not owe anything to them.  He asked if wanted to obtain a lawyer but stated that it was in by best interest to settle this matter now verses going to court.  This seems to be a SCAM  as when you look up the number it goes to a cell phone and when you call blocked it was goes to an unprofessional voicemail, stating hi this is officer Tom please leave message if hablo espansol then goes into english.
I got a call from this number and there were people talking in the background. The caller said he needed my lawyers information.  He said his company name is BCI but I know BCI is a state criminal investigation organization in North Dakota.  I called them at there 1-800 number and of course they had no information.  Foreign criminals that keep changing there tactics and numbers, don't be fooled.  They capture our internet information through tracking software on specific websites.  I wish the Federal government could stop this behavior because they call me at work.

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