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Reverse Phone Check: Call. +12537531771-5un Tru5t
I wish this spammer would stop texting me!
Got 5 calls from this number. 5. Are they so bored that they have nothing else better to do than harass people?!!! Get a life already!!!
i keep getting text. what cell provider does everyone have?? maybe thats the common link. I am going to report this to t-mobile.
same dudes texting me...
ahh I thought I was the only one getting these texts! sooo annoying!
t-mobile too... this is annoying. i got 10 texts in 5 minutes.
I have t-mobile too and I've already gotten 15 texts from this thing. Has anyone actually tried calling the number?
Some one called me and I would like to know who and why?
stop texting me
I got the same text also with t-mobile... what's up with that?
going to the dma ( direct marketing association )  and the attorney general this creep has been texting my phone from some instant messenger since Saturday. probably 20 times... printed it alllll out too!! hope they like bagging groceries!!
the number is from Pierce County in Washington State
they have to be getting our numbers from t-mobile. my suggestion would be to call and report it. I would but i deleted all the text and dont have the info anymore!
In reading through these replies, I can't help but wonder if one of their stalking tactics is to seed message boards like this with positive comments about the company.  There are far too many in a forum like this to be believable.
I am glad I answered that call 3 years ago, I have had the same rep since then and he does a great job for me. Prices are fair and delivery is always on time and being that I am a smaller company I am never made to feel like I am not important like I was getting from some of Zones competitors
Annoyed by the daily calls too, have asked dozens of times over the past year for them to stop calling and still get calls, they quit calling me directly and now ask for anybody in the IT dept, today I put their number on our drop list so no more calls from them, but I'm sure they will start calling from another number.  As to Zones being a good reseller their prices aren't any better than other large resellers and they won't discount as much to us as our current reseller... so they are usless to us... all they are doing is cold calling/telemarketing and annoying us.
In the last month I have received over 22 calls from this company.  When they are announced by the front desk I ask that the call be placed in my voice mail.  Every single time they hang up before leaving a message.  The sad part is if they left a message I would call them back but since they didn't I assume they are an unprofessional company because they don't have the common decency to leave a message.  I am too busy to take calls from unknown people but will call them back if I have an interest in their service.Had they left a message I might have done business with them.  Now that I see their number coming up time after time I can't be bothered with them.  I am thinking of blocking their number in our phone software since I also do the programming for it as well as our IT needs.

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