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Received text message from +255766410356 stating that I'd won Merc SL 600 worth 159 000 US Dollars from mobile network draw. I had to call +254742501421 to collect my Merc. Blocked my phone number and called. All they wanted was for me to unblock my number and call back. Was adamant I unblock my number. Sounds like a mobile number phishing scam.
Hi,Iam ready to send the required amount. But i would like you to comfirm myself about the award. How cam i confirm myself in india about the award.  Also all the emails i received from you are of  back date i.e. of date 2/1/2008 and 3/1/2008. SO KINDLY CLEAR ALL THESE DOUBTS OF MINE SO THAT THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PROBLEM FOR ME TO PROCEED. REPLY THROUGH EMAIL. I AM LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE SAME. THANK YOU.
I received a sms saying that i have won M/Benz ml 270 worth $150,000 from motorlink motor show in Kenya. Call the manager on 00254710399374
I also received an sms saying that i have won Mercedes/Benz worth $150,000 (USA) dollars  from MOTOLINK LINK SHOW in KENYA. Call the manager on +254710399374
I received the same msg too ..FAKE ...hehe .. From Kenya ;)
i won as well high speed motor boat. value 501.000usd 75m long to get this i have pay 20usd from each thousend.I try to kommunicate with meneger, and later with agent named vinsent. thay want to get visum to my country to bring the win pass or traspot the boat. I choose money. after this they call me every evening to wish me good night. call was 15.11.2008. arond 17.30 o'clock. I think exaktly   after promotional show.
I've got the same problem, but the SMS was delivered from number starting with +255..., which actually is Tanzania's calling code ))) And yeah, I also don't get it, where do they get our numbers?! As I understood we're here from all over the world
i have recieved a message from +255754731545 it says " japan international motors you have won a toyota landcruiser vx worth us$140,000, from Global mobile network promotion held in kenya. call. +254715184777 'and i don't know can i beleive that or not finally i didn't call that number
i'v recieved a sms from this number: +255754731466 it said i won a m/benz ( 150000$) i callethe manager to +254710399374  they asked for my details and i sent it to  the day after that day i called tem nd they asked for 1000$ and they said that i should send the money by western union money transfer to the director CATHERINE WAMBUI NJENGA, I.D NUMBER:3329778, NAIROBI, KENYA.i laugh at them and i feel so sorry for them for taking bad way to cheat peaple...
Oh no i also recived an sms saying that i have won Mercedes/Benz worth $150,000 (USA) dollars  from MOTOLINK LINK SHOW in the Global mobile network draw in KENYA. Call +54725257969.Where do these people get our numbers from if they are in Kenya?
i recive the same SMS but from this number +255756645406 "YOUR number has WON a M/BENZ ML 270 CDI worth $150.000 in a PROMOTION draw MOTORLINK MOTOR SHOW in KENYA. Call the manager on +254710399374.I call them and they ask for $3000 for the procedure.
i recieved four messages from +255768031251 saying that Japan international motors, i have won a merced benz valued at 180,000 US dollars from global mobile network promotion held in kenya
On nov 7 i got a sms from 254710399374 saying that you have won SPEED MOTOR BOAT worth $501,000 in a PROMOTION draw conducted by motor link motor shaw in Nairobi, kenya.So therefore call the manager on 254710399374
Bloody people send me a message that you have a Mercedes 380. Many people are starving in Kenya & somalia pls donate this money to them. Iam very happy with my current situation. Iam not very ambitious to become  millionaire & get sleepless nights.
I got a message on the 25 of October saying that I had won a Landcruiser worth $48000. I'm too young for my driver's license. What am I supposed to do with a Landcruiser?
On October 25th, 2008 I received two sms saying: your number has won a speed motor boat worth $501.000 in a promotion draw conducted by motorlink motor show in Nairobi, Kenya, call the manager on +254729986436.Please inform at my mail if these sms is only a joke since I think this situations gives a bad impression of your company.
i received a text meg. from this number saying :germany international motor show you have won a mercedes benz 380C class in a promotion draw held in nairobi kenya, call manager +254726832498 for details
you have won a mercedez/benz ml 270cdiworth $ 150000(usa) dollar from MOTORLINK MOTOR SHOW IN THE GLOBAL MOBILE NETWORK draw in 0025472527969.........When i call them back,they demanded $1200 for the procedure.I knew this is the fake sms to cheat i gave them nice badwords.
an me have come one sms with:you have won a mercedez/benz ml270cd1 worht$150,000 (USA) dollars from motorlink motor show in the global mobile network draw in kenya. call +254733128587Caller ID: vasim.k2008@gmail.comCaller: kenyacall+254733128587

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