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I have also received a this TXT. It is a scam. The 212-588-1180 will get you in touch with someone.  They will offer to block your number.  I suggest you have your telephone providere do it and TXT stop to the number.  the offered to send me a refund, but I did not want to give them my address.
I did not add my cell number to this site.  However, I keep getting text from them.  I have called the 800 number several times and asked to be removed.  They say that they have put a block on my number, but the text still keep coming.
Checked my Verizon statement on Tuesday and have two $9.99 charges from this Celebrity Squares company.  Called the 800 # for Snackable Media and although they told me they will stop further text charges and block my #, they insist that the charges are authorized.  They are absolutely not!  Spoke with Verizon and they tell me although the charges are on my Verizon bill, they have no control over it.  Who does have control over who can charge to my cell phone account???  Apparantly not me!!  I am furious!  And, how did they get my cell #?  I am going to try to report to the National Consumer Protection Bureau and am warning all my friends with cell phones.
What a scam, if they don't return my money because I did not sign up and did not play any of their waisted time of gaming. We should find a way to spread this type of trick and scamming.
I've been getting several 258258 messages to my cell phone and have no idea how they started. I suspected some time of scam and googled the 258258 and found all the complaints. I called Celebrity Squares and got the run around about how their system "double checks" and all that. If it sounds like a scam . . . .I called my cell carrier, Sprint, and they know about the "premium texting services." Sprint was glad to 1.) block my number from any future "premium texting services" and 2.) said they had no problem returning any $9.99 fees that had been charged to my bill. I caught it early and no charges on last bill. He opted me out of Celbrity Squares and said if any charges came thru, they would not be charged to me. Celebrity Squares knows there are a ton of people who will not care or wonder about the charge to their phone bill . . . and they'll make tons of money from them. Be vigilant!
My story is like the rest. I have no idea how I got signed up, never had any terms on any site that I visited, never responded to any text from Celebrity Squares, called and cancelled on 1/19/2010 after I noticed the charges, and just today had another charge on my 2/22/2010 cell phone bill. They are scamming us all somehow. My next step will be to change my cell phone company if that's what it takes.
I finally found a way to get a charge on my US Cellular phone bill from Celebrity Squares credited. I did not ever sign up for or send a pin or confirmation text to "opt-in" as Celebrity Squares claims to use. Celebrity Squares would not give me any kind of refund, but when I complained to US Cellular they at least took off the last charge. Beware of Celebrity Squares--it is a huge scam.
I never opted into anything and these messages started appearing on my company provided cell phone.  It got me into trouble for misuse of the company plan.  I got it straightened but is it a shame that this company can cause some many people so much trouble resulting in wasted time.  I like many others just ignored the messages and deleted them as junk texts until the bill came in.  Then I had to explain to my employer who threatened to shut of my cell phone and place a letter in my file.  Fortunately, it got resolved after wasted time on my part and others.
Call your cell phone subscriber and have them put a block to any outside calling party like celebrity squares 258258.. usually the cell phone company will dismiss the $9.99 charge. It really works, they did it for me.
We are sorry to hear about your experience.  Please be aware that we at Celebrity Squares take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like to address any concerns that you may have.  You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-477-3913 so that we can resolve your inquiry; you can also contact our customer service at or by sending an SMS message with the word ”HELP” to 258258.  Keep in mind, we post our toll-free customer service number on our website and include it in SMS messages we send to your cell phone.  Please note we use an industry best practice double opt-in to prevent inadvertent or fraudulent sign-ups.  To enroll in our service, a prospective member must first submit their cell phone number on the Celebrity Squares sign-up page which clearly explains our terms and conditions including the monthly price of the service and billing to the cell phone.  We then send a text message to their cell phone which again discloses the essential membership terms.  They then must correctly enter the PIN on our website or reply with a confirmation SMS message from their cell phone to activate the account.  The double opt-in process and clear disclosures ensure a high level of consumer protection and satisfaction.  If a member wants to cancel the service, they can simply text “stop” to 258258 or call our Customer Service number or go to  We hope this addresses any concerns you may have; if not please contact us through any of the means above and we’ll take care of your issues.Sincerely,Customer ServiceCelebrity Squares
This just happened to my husband! I called our cellphone service provider and was instructed to text "Stop" to 258258. I tried calling the Snackable Media customer service line several times, and only got through to a voicemail.
What the hell is this??  I do NOT remember texting Celebrity Squares; is this a scam??  and will they bill me every month - got to stop this some how.
How does this get on your bill and how do you get ride of it ? I feel completly foolish I blamned some kid that had access to my phone one night of ordering something in my name while I was asleep.FEELING STUPID IN MAINE!
I also have a charge of $9.99 which my phone company says is from Celebrity Squares.  Looking at my text log the number 258258 appears.  I never subscribed to this company nor do I let anyone else use my phone.  Very strange and disturbing that companies get away with this sort of thing all the time!!!
My mother-in-law is on my wireless plan and she had this charge on her bill a couple of times, and she said she didn't know how it had gotten there.  I called the customer service number for Snackable Media (212-588-1180) and they said it was for something called Celebrity Squares.  They said that they removed the service and that they would also refund the charges to me.  They were quite polite.  I just did this today and so I'm not sure if they'll actually mail me a check, but I don't really care as long as it stops being charged.  Hope this helps.
i want it to stop
This 258258 # is texting me every week and am being charged $9.99 a month for this. Can you make this stop please.........?
for those involved with this number or 258258/654654 they are one in the same company!  here is a link to their website.  please note at the bottom of their web page who they are PARTNERS with.  Bet your cellphone company is listed. here is the address  just a suggestion....if any of you know anyone with any "unique" computer or email skills turn them onto this site....payback can be HELL!
258258 is a website called celebrity squares.  it operates just as predicto whose number is 654654. they charge you $9.99 a month as well just like predicto.  scams both of them!

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