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I mean, honestly, what's the point with the obsessive phone calling and no message? Some of my phones don't have caller ID, so calling is a lost cause, and if you don't leave a message it's like you never called... I've told them numerous times, it's useless.... I HAVE NO MONEY, HENCE CAN'T PAY THE BILL!! I'LL CALL YOU WHEN I CAN PAY!! Geez.......Wasting the minutes I have on my phone, while I'm trying to wait for a phone call about a job, so I can pay them back!! UGH!!! And if I ever need customer service, they're soo difficult to reach!! Can't wait to pay that off and cancel the thing!!
I received 6 calls on my cell the last 2 days!  When I picked up the first tow times no one answered.  I called the number back and it said it was Kohl's.  When the same number called back I didn't answer.  WHy don't they just leave a message and stop bothering me!  If they really wanted to reach me they would leave a message!
Today's caller ID log (SATURDAY:9:26AM10:48AM12:58PM2:30PM3:21PM        Identify yourself on my ID with a name no a state that I have never visited or know anyone who has ever lived in previously or currently !Sure they'll be another call in about 45 minutes and another 3 before 8PM tonight and of course NO MESSAGE ON MY ANSWERING MACHINE !!!!!CALL ONCE AND LEARN TO LEAVE A MESSAGE
OK- phone calls starting at 8 am on a saturday and continuing thoughout the weekend- up until 8 on Father's day and then again at almost 9 pm tonight are ridiculous and uncalled for- leave a message.  If I forgot to pay it was because I forgot, and crank calls from an unknown number certainly won't make me remember any quicker.Matt- thanks for the tip- I changed my number.....I should have delayed the payment so they would call him instead!
No, my name is not really Bub.  I have been getting calls from this number as well and have never had a Kohl's card or applied for a job there.  I think I shopped there once or twice.  I called their toll free number and they said my number didn't come up on any accounts but that they would remove the number from the call list.  The operator seemed REALLY stupid like she was a 16 year old blond valley girl.  At first she tried to tell me that their calls don't usually come from that number.  Then she backtracked and had to talk to her supervisor.  When she took my number I had to repeat it about 12 times.  I definitely won't be shopping there again.
I just got a call from this number and I don't even own a Kohls card or have an account with them. I live in Iowa and there isn't a Kohls within 40 miles of here.....
I checked and my balance is good, I do not owe Kohl's any money.  Why are they calling me still?  What happens when you answer: is it automated or an actual person?
Keeps calling leaves no msg
It's Kohl's credit card services. I got the call from this number afterI'd fallen a month behind on my payment. For some reason you can't hear them talking when you answer the call though.
Wow Matt D, what a GREAT idea! Will do! Thank you
here is how to handle these called. I received these calls over and over because I was late on my Kohls payment. As soon as you make the payment the calls go away.   But just in case I have another late payment in the future (could happen!) I did this:log into your Kohls online accountClick on the links that says "Update my account"Change your phone number to 262/703-1893 (in that format)this is the number for Wes McDonald, Chief Financial Officer of feeling is that if enough people do this, they may re-think their policy of spamming people's phones as soon as they as one day late with their payments!
This # is collections for Kohls.
They called my work number. I never gave it to them nor did I have my job listed when I filled out the application. How did they get my number???
As soon as I got my new cell phone, I get calls from this number.  All it says on the voice mail is a five or six digit number.  WTF, I'm not from WI and have never stepped foot in a Kohl's.  Maybe I'll drop off a cinder block through their window one day...
kohl's dept. store looking for my ex!
Call several times a day no messages
262-703-1977 called my cell several times asking for someone by a different name than mine.  I finally threatened them with harrassment and canceled MY Kohls card because I was nervous about identity theft.
It's Kohl's Department store looking for money to pay a bill. I just don't answer it.
I never answer - didn't recognize the number.  When a voice mail is left - it is some weird tone - never a "voice".  No I.D. - just phone number.

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