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I also got a call from that number but I didn't answer (I have a cyprus number)
Got a call as well. I have a Cyprus number. What's the catch???? I am going to report them to the authorities.
i got the same call 3 hours ago,i anwser and nothing
also im from cyprus
got a call from this number. my phone is not listed how do they the number.? 10th june 2010 16.00hrs
Me too, got a call from that number....returned it, someone answers and does not talk and i hung up!!!
Yeah av also gat a call om my cellphone 10 minutes ago. The lady hangs up, i call back, one ring & my talk time credit reads zero. Ts indeed from zimbabwe- fishy!
quien es al que llamo
I got a call this morning in Cyprus at 6-15am, just 2 rings then nothing.
Got a call from this numer 30 May 0925 in the morning, tried to ring it back and got one ring then nothing.
I got a call from this number on26/05/2010 at 06:31pm, it rang for a few seconds and then stopped, thats about it.
Hi, I got a call last night aswell and cannot return it either. Does anyone know what is going on? Is it from Zimbabwe?
Here the same... received a call on Monday. Didn't pick it up. The number is indeed from Zimbabwe. Maybe it's a premium rate number and the owner hopes that you call it back?
got a call from this number, zimbabwe - seems dodgy. too
00263912792153 +263912792153 here as well, 2 times today.
who are u.... call pls
zdraveite i na men mi zvanq tozi nomer nqkoi ima li si predstava na koi e
OMG., i just answered a call from this number  today feb 25th, 7:59 am Pacific Time. No one spoke, i said hello a few times then they hung up. I GOOGLED the number and that's how i came to this site. Spread the word folks to your friends, this is certainly a fraud number. I am in the Caribbean.
I too got a call frm the same numbr... jst a bit late i was... missd it... @1.30 GMT... m frm Maldives

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