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keep getting cslls from unknown numbers and am getting tired of it
This is spam from AOL IM users. You can block texts from AOL screen names by following the instructions on AOL's help page:
Received a call.  When I answered, no one was there.
I am also receiving missed calls from this number....
who called me
Anyone in NYC?  I went back and forth with this idiot 4/25/10.  According to the person texting me from 265060 AIM address "dmostflyest" - which I doubt she's that - states that my boyfriend has an STD and that he cheats on me while I'm at work in our apt.  Also that she's going to continue sharing him and she's pregnant with his son... pretty interesting since she started by telling me he has an STD, can't figure out why someone would want to share someone with an STD, especially if she's pregnant! lol  I saw the previous post about a 25 yr old girl in MA, but unless she lives in NY now can't see how she would know my bf.  Any info would be much appreciated!
Are you kiding me? I'm not sending you people messages at all. But I do know who is! It's my son's ex-gf. She has been doing this stalking of my family and I for almost five years now. If anyone of you can get me her IP address? That would be great. And YES I really am being stalked. It's know joke. So I apolygize to you people that have to indure this. But it is real and it is a 25 y/o fe from Lowell, MA. I can't say name. She hacks into every emaaail me and my faamily have. I have even gone to the police 4 years ago. Of course they invited her to NH PD and googled something then there was a beep and bingo. Every web page you have gone to is now in a data base. At the police department. But she is a major stalker. Any help here?
My son is getting this number (265060) sending and receiving from his cell phone. How can I get this number to stop? Can I block it? Is there a virus attached to it? When this number started showing up, I was no longer able to locate my son on Family Map through AT&T, is this some kind of virus that blocks me from locating him through Family Map?Thank you for any information.
Who is calling me?  7 calls made from 03/04/2010 - 04/02/2010.Please contact me at 215-500-8217 or
Someone has been calling me from 265060???? how can I find out who this person is??????
told me she was 11
Hola Gandul!
what is wrong with this person,company,whoever?!it's a problem especially if you don't have free text messaging.
Keep receiving text messages from 265080 with sender name as :philpuy, which is me.  I am not sending these text messages to people in my phone.
I received several texts from this number, finally found aol for mobiles website, and learned if you text 'off' to 265019 it blocks all incoming messages from all aim users..I don't know if it works yet, because I just tried it, but its worth a shot
Has sent me numerous text messages asking to talk to me greeting me and being flatout annoying. I've asked whoever it is to stop but they continuosly send me text messages. how do i block them if it is at all possible.
265-080 texts me everyday as bowowsgurl214 how do i block them???
I received a text from 265080 and i recognize the screen name attached to it? is that possible?
I got a message that says brianna wants to talk to you. So I talked to her and we ended up in bed together. LOVE THESE LATE NIGHT TEXT!

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