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Called our place of business for someone..upon checking their  number out I asked if they were collectors and when they said yes I told them that we do not allow debt collection calls as this is a place of business (explicity says this in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) they said "I'm sorry, we wont call again". We will see!
They just called me and on my returning the call an unprofessional voice asked me if someone left the message. I told him that no one left a message, but he wouldnt listen and hung up instead. Very harassing...
Called 12 days in a row after they were told my cellphone number was not attached to the person they were looking for.Decided to bombard their phone lines with over 100 calls in 10 minutes.  I got a call from their CEO apologizing for whatever happened and they would never call me again.Haven't heard from them since.
TATE & KURLIN  someone call from this number and said i owe a bill and were very aggressive one the phone and asked if they could send something with the company name on it.They we replaid the sent letters out thur. the mail and I have not seen nothing.The supervisor got on the phone and I asked if They could send me with something with their name on if .Supervisor keep on say that they sent me letter out thur. the mail in june and july but the mail never got it. so I asked him if he could send me a email or a certified mail. Supervisor refuse
I've been called by this number and they won't respond to my questions ... read:Tate & Kirlin Associates represented Washington Mutual as that lender was about to be taken over by Chase … forced out of business for the kinds of dealings that got into trouble in the sub-prime mortgage loan debacle.  But even though WAMU no longer exists, TATE and KIRLIN are continuing to try to goad people who WAMU foreclosed on into paying  THEM  some part of what  WAMU  already discharged and declared to the federal government as their loss!  Something stinks here.  If WAMU is already history, and if these debts were discharged before the takeover, then  WHO  is  TATE & KIRLIN ASSOCIATES  attempting to get this money for?  Themselves?  On already discharged debt?WAMU was finally taken over by Chase after the Obama Administration rightly assessed WAMU as basically incompetent to dig themselves out of the hole that their aggressive and careless lending practices got them into.  In my case, Washington Mutual neglected to build in an Escrow / Impound account in my Re-Fi ... after assuring me that the monthly mortgage figures  (both 1st and 2nd through WAMU) I was quoted  INCLUDED  the Escrow / Impound account.  After about six months, my  Homeowner policy agent called to say they were about to cancel the policy--for NONPAYMENT.  I said "But I have an Escrow Account!" and he said, "Well, it's not making the payments! Better check."  It turned out that WAMU had neglected to create an escrow account for my property, so that they then had to go back--at my expense, of course--and create one. Rather than tack the cost of creating it onto my 1st, they created a kind of "sub-loan" and promised that I could pay it back over "at least two years."  But, without warning me, they designed it so I'd have to pay it over only 12 months ... thus raising my mortgage payments by almost $600  **BEFORE THE FIRST ARM ADJUSTMENT EVER HIT**!    That error on their part, and  NOT  the adjustable loan, started my problem.  But then, several months later, the first adjustment also hit, adding another $500 to my monthly nut.WAMU had also finagled the appraisal in order to make sure that Re-Fi went through. They did this by comp-ing my 4-bedroom house against 5 bedroom houses that originally cost $30K more than mine did.  I went to them with a  SINGLE  mortgage payment from another lender, seeking lower monthly payments but, instead, got  TWO  WAMU  loans--a regular mortgage loan (as a 1st) and a Consumer Equity Loan (as a 2nd).  having two loans where I had previously had only one turned out to be a huge problem later on.Anyway, when the first adjustment finally came due, I contacted WAMU and attempted to find a way to give the house back on a "Deed-in-Lieu."  My payments were up-to-date, but I could see the inevitable coming.  I kept up with the payments, while trying to arrange the Deed-in-Lieu  WITH BOTH SIDES OF WAMU--mortgage and consumer loan sections.  It was a nightmare to arrange because the two sides of WAMU didn't "speak" to each other.  Everything was separate on contacting the 1st and 2nd people, and they had different rules, different and constantly changing numbers, and requirements to communicated only by fax ... unless they called me!  Phantom phone and fax numbers were given on different websites.  They wouldn't return calls --- if I was lucky enough to get through at all.  Both the "Consumer Home Equity" and the "Mortgage" sides of  WAMU  said the same thing:  "Sir, we can't talk with you until your monthly mortgage payments are in arrears ... until AFTER your loan payments are over 30 days past-due."  I said, "You're kidding me!  You mean you won't talk to me about  PREVENTING a problem until  AFTER  I wreck my own credit rating ... even though any boob with a calculator can tell that starting with the increase to my payment due to your negligence  ADDED  to the adjustment, that I won't be able to keep up?"  "Yeah, that's about the size of it, San!" they told me. After several months (of continuing to keep current with the mortgage payments) I finally moved out of the house on the last day of the last month through which I was paid-up.  That was after MONTHS of trying to get WAMU to give me a straight answer to ANY question about what to do to avoid disaster.  I had submitted all the load restructuring paperwork, and they had not acted.  No word back from them on restructuring for MONTHS.  After moving out (and ceasing to pay the mortgage) I suddenly started getting calls from WAMU ... but from  WAMU  "employees"  in INDIA !  Lots of electronic calls, and lots of calls from people who had absolutely NO answers about my situation, restructuring,  OR about how to do a deed-in-lieu.  I kept telling them to record my calls and send the recordings to someone who actually knew how to do a Deed-in-Lieu--hoping someone would contact me with instructions.  Twice I stated to the phone person that  I  was recording the call ... and I was quickly switched to a supervisor who told me that I wasn't authorized to record calls to WAMU--and that if I did not agree  NOT  to record the call, that he would hang up.  I did not agree, and both times they hung up on me.  So  THEY  could record the calls--if they felt like it--but I could not!Finally, I got word from both sides of WAMU--separately, of course--and got instructions about what I had to do in order for them to consider doing a "deed-in-lieu" instead of a foreclosure.  I had to get a real estate agent, list the house on the MLS for at least 90 days, try to do a short-sale, keep the place clean inside and out for showing, etc.Ironically,  about that same time--months after submitting the application--I received a call telling me that they were going to review whether or not I qualified to have the loan restructured. I told them I had already moved out--having long ago given up hope that they would ever get back with me.  They hung up.  I had several more calls like that, and I gave them the names and numbers of the other people I was talking to about doing the deed-in-lieu.  I was told that the different branches don't discuss cases.  Each one told me to have the other one call them; but both sides refused to make the call.  They stalemated me with bureaucratic B.S. that made no sense and only served to further wreck and ruin the situation.Some people had told me that I should just stay in the house and stop paying, bank the money and use it for a down-payment for another house.  But I thought that would be unethical.  Instead, my family only slept there until we couldn't afford to pay any longer--knowing our credit was about to be ruined for the next bunch of years--and we rented another place and moved out.  I had been telling WAMU I wanted to give the house back for  MONTHS  and they did absolutely  NOTHING  to facilitate  ANY kind of solution until the situation was already irretrievably lost.  Their only excuse was they had so many customers that were defaulting.  But the  REAL reason was that they had made so many problematic loans and had  NO  idea and no administrative structure for handling the problem when the bubble burst. They destroyed their own company--and the credit of thousands of customers by their ineptitude and incompetence.  That's why the Obama Administration was right to force the takeover of WAMU by Chase.But I did everything WAMU finally told me to do in order to do the deed-in-lieu.  I got a great Real Estate guy who bent over backwards for us knowing he was unlikely to get much if anything out of all the work involved.  As it turned out, he got nothing--because after receiving two offers--that WAMU refused--they suddenly drilled and changed the locks and sent in their own agent.  We had followed all of their difficult, time-consuming, and expensive instructions--all for nothing.So it was finally going to be foreclosed after about eight months of trying to work it out with WAMU ... four months while still in the house and still paying the mortgage, and four months after I moved out and stopped paying ... while trying to sell it according to their instructions.  HERE'S THE PUNCHLINE:I didn't know for sure what WAMU had done with the debt until tax time and I received a W-9 showing that they claimed the ENTIRE remaining debt as a loss to the Federal Government.  So they wrote it off for their own tax purposes.THEN ... WAMU got taken over by Chase.  Eventually, WAMU did sell the house the same month Obama was elected ... six months after taking it away from my agent (who was getting offers when they took it).  My credit was in ruins, obviously, and I thought that was going to be the end of it.  WAMU didn't even exist any more!  But then I started getting calls and letters from  "TATE & KIRLIN ASSOCIATES" of Philadelphia.  Apparently, with its dying breath, WAMU contacted  "TATE and KIRLIN" to help them collect late mortgage and/or consumer loan (2nd) payments.  So T&K then started dunning me ... as if WAMU was still carrying the debt--even though the W-9 proved that WAMU had actually discharged the debt.  And after a month or so from their first contact--"T and K" were still making contacts IN THE NAME OF WAMU--even though the lender was defunct AND had already discharged the loan.  Based on the dates involved, WAMU discharged the debt  BEFORE  Chase took them over ... maybe so the "deal" wouldn't look like quite such a loser to Chase stockholders.  But in any case, WAMU doesn't exist, TATE & KIRLIN  still makes its contacts  IN THE NAME OF WAMU, never mentions Chase, and is attempting to get people who are ALREADY screwed by this whole fiasco to bite another big one by agreeing  to  "settle"  a dead debt with them!  There is something seriously wrong with this picture.I have told several people at TATE & KIRLIN who have called me that if the debt was discharged and their former client (WAMU) no longer exists, etc., then what they are doing is fraud ... since the debt was already written off and CLAIMED by WAMU as a loss on their corporate taxes.  They said,  "We'll have to get back to you on that"  ... but never did.  In the meantime, they continue to dun me with calls and letters, "offering" to settle for 50%, etc.  They must getting a high enough percentage of people to walk willingly into their web, so that they keep trying to shake people down.  No doubt they will continue to do this until someone--or some watchdog agency--steps in and stops them.QUESTION:  Who is TATE & KIRLIN working to benefit?  Not WAMU.  Not Chase, either, since the debt was discharged before the takeover.  And they never claim to work for Chase.  Their original "customer" (WAMU) no longer even exists.  It  LOOKS  like TATE AND KIRLIN found itself with thousands of documents relating to outstanding debt from people in trouble over WAMU mortgages, at about the time the Obama Administration handed WAMU its walking papers.  So there was no one and no company left to cancel whatever arrangement WAMU  may  have had with TATE & KIRLIN.  So T&K were apparently left with a big box full of  "cold call leads"  and no one they were obliged to give it back to!   It's a  WINDFALL!   They can keep whatever they can squeeze out of anyone too weak and fearful to stand up and fight.  The debts are dead--as is the credit rating of all those people, like me--but this outfit in Pennsylvania if busy trying to squeeze blood out of us beat-up turnips.  Seems unfair.  Writing this and posting it wherever I can is about all I can to in my own defense.  Feel free to spread it to anyone and any site where it might do some good.
More people need to know about these thugs.They called here over a month ago about a bill my MIL owed.  My husband has POA now, as his mother is 86 and in nursing home.  He requested all information to be sent to our address so he could see if it was a legitimate debt.  They never sent anything, just called again and were VERY rude, claiming they had spoken to my husband more than once... had sent us a letter... that he was refusing to pay the bill... asked for MIL's phone number... ALL LIES!  How many times do these people need to be told that she is 86 and in a nursing home???How many times do they need to be told to send SOMETHING in writing???How many times do they need to be told that they won't get a DIME without PROOF that there is even an outstanding debt???Dave/David/Karr/Carr, or whoever he passed the phone to, is a rude bully and told my husband "he needed to be a man and pay the bill."FAT CHANCE!IF the money is owed, it will be paid to the original company - not this sorry excuse of a "collection company/fraud."
call about 5 times a day on my cell and they even call our jobs even after telling them not to. they even threatened me that they will keep calling everyday till we pay
TATE & KIRLIN ASSOCIATES2810 Southampton Road Philadelphia PA 19154 RIP-OFF scammers trying to collect on FAKE debts!!!!
They called me and didn't leave a message.  I called back to find out what it is   reference to.  They switched me many different operators and listened to lots of easy listening music.  Was a mistake.
I entered a complaint regarding this "Tate & Kirlin" with the National DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. Everyone needs to file a complaint with them and then maybe this harassment will come to an end.
Contact your police department and report harassing phone calls and hopefully they'll take care of it.
they called and were very aggressive. they said i owed $170.they threatened me and told me that i better lock all my doors.
TATE & KIRLIN. Predatory creditors with aggressive collection techniques.
We have been receiving daily calls from this number, I do not answer.  The messages left sound as though I've placed the call and have been put on hold.
Got another call from these people.  I called the number and asked to speak to someone to find out what they wantead.  They asked if I was someone that I never heard of.  When I told them no, the said it was a mistake.  I aksed them not to call my number again, as I considered this harassment! Haven't heard from them since.
Keep calling, but leave not message.   When phone is answered, they hang up.  Very Rude.
TM Kurlin and Associates. They seem to be a collector but they have several different numbers with different area codes.
called my cell a couple times, rang twice and they hung up

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