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called several times.   no one says anything.
I finally found the correct website for them and immediately, my firewall and virus alarms went off. Trojan horse blocked b***hes. They are financial planners in Ludington MI (according to the site). From that area originally, and I have never heard of them. Before I could turn the site off there was a video of a guy telling me that he needed some info (before proceeding) such as the type that you would need to engage in identity theft. My best advice is to just block the number, as it seems that the company Lucre is doing absolutely nothing about it.
Lucre website is a fake. Stay off of both Lucre and the financial websites associated with this number. The company is a front for something. I am sending a buddy that still lives in the area over there to check it out. I called the number and asked to be transfered several times to various people and the woman refused. I think I rattled her a bit by some of the remarks that were coming back at me. She started to get flustered and talking in circles. She finally hung up on me.
They call 2-3 times a day but no one answers. What happened to do not call?? How do these people get around this??
This number from Safe Harbor calls everyday two to three times a day and I am sick of it.  There is no excuse for this kind of harrassment.
I have received 2 calls in 2 days. They won't leave a message when I don't answer. They are calling from Bellvue, MI. I don't know anyone there.
I keep getting this number every single day. But it's in Spanis and the lady says I won a million dollars and then they put me on hold and then I get a live person and I say hello and he hangs up on me.  What's the point!! Stop harrassing me!
The telephone number is for a company called NovaTel based out of San Antonio, Texas.  Their website is  Just an FYI...
they have also been calling me as well!!! usedd the website to alert lucre about it. hope it works. the 269 area code is out of michigan. their is a safe harbor mortgage/financial company in mich.
From the dates reported it looks like this number has just recently been calling people. My first call was two days ago and they have not stopped. 2-3 times a day and they don't leave a mesage. Does anybody know what they are trying to call about? I have never had a chance to answer.
who are these freaks?  2 creepy calls in the past two days...
Just got ANOTHER call from these guys; not sure who it is but it was definitely a call center out of the United States.  Guy said (in a very thick Indian accent) "this is Steve Smith, I'm looking for..."  I told him that if they call again I am suing them and hung up.  When I don't answer they don't leave a message.
Ring Ring Ring what a bother whats the point
they call 3-5 times a day like evry1 else. iv called the # gman laundry gave twice and the guy told me he would contact them and have them stop and they still havent they called me at 5am in phoeinix az which is illegal to call anyone from this state that early and if the calls dont stop every1 call the FDA to complain
These morons have been calling 3-5 times a day.  When I try to call back to cuss them out the mailbox is full.  PLEASE delete or block them from calling.
The carrier company for the number (269) 768-2187 is LUCRE, Inc. I have notified them today (Friday, August 13, 2010) about that number calling us all and annoying us to no end. They said they would handle contacting the company about this problem. You may have to contact them yourself and give them your number. There corporate office number is (616) 361-0128. You can also file a complaint on their website, SPREAD THE WORD!!!
Safe Harbor?  They asked for my son's friend.  Sounded like a phone worker in India with an echo on the line.  Pronounced the name funny so I didn't understand it at first and said, wrong number.  He apologized.
annoying number calls me  lot then when i call back it says ext 30 leave a message????
I have this number calling me all times of the day. They call on weekends and in the evening.I listed my phone number with the Do not call registry, maybe the calls will stop.
it says the call is from a company called safe harbor. they asked for me and i told them that they have wrong number. i dont know if they are a debt collection or tring to get contributions for the police. i do think they really are trying to get contributions. but i am sick of tired of it. i wish they would all just sit on the middle fingers on the hands that the good lord gave them and leave us all alone.

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