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Same thing from me today...a response from a craigslist as.   Signed Sophia - same message - something just seemed off about the response.  I'm glad I looked up the number.
11 Jan 2011I also got a reply from Craigslist that appears to be some sort of scam... person supposedly named Sophia who wrote:"Hello, i would like to know if this is still available and when i can come check it out. I really want this and i would try and call you afterwards.I am speech impaired though but would call you on tty...Thanks...(270) 515-3041"
2 Dec 2010I also got a reply from Craigslist, but using the name Sophia.
Just got a reply from Craigslist using the name Alfred.
Dear Wilkerson and Assc. We understand that you need to survey for other companies' benefits.  However, you also should remember that most of us use cell phone which require minutes.  In this poor economic, you should be more sensitive on how you should conduct your business. You have called many cell phones numbers which would take our minutes away from our cell phone plans. We really hope you think deeply about our suggestions and comments listed on this web.  Thank you.
Wilkerson and Associates also go by the name of DELVE and several other companies. They are not out to sell you anything. They conduct market research for such companies as Papa Johns, KFC and Long John Silvers. They offer phone surveys and in person surveys to include but not limited to taste testing of different products for which they pay quite well.You can answer the phone without feeling obligated to purchase anything and if you do get someone asking you questions, feel free to ask them not to call and they will abide by your wishes. I hope this helps answer your questions.
I keep getting a call from these people but I never answer. I have been called Wed 8pm, Thu 6pm, Fri 6pm, Sun 2pm, and Mon 6pm. I never answer calls from people I don't know and especially when they are surveyers/telemarketers (I google the number). However, I am afraid that they won't stop calling. I don't want to answer the phone because I don't want them to know that I will eventually answer the phone if they keep calling; however, I want to tell them to go to hell and stop calling. What should I do? I really don't feel comfortable answering, but I don't see any other option...
This number just called me for the umpteenth time.  They even called me on 2-7-09 at 1:03am. WTF?  Have also gotten calls on Jan 29 at 9:30am (not even up at that time -- in college), Feb 3 at 10:30am, Feb 25 at 6:17am, and today, feb 26 at 5:30.  I don't want to talk to a "poll research" person.  My minutes are too few to waste my time on this.
I keep getting a call from this number.  At least one a day.  I called the number back and no answer, just rings and rings.
Called today @ 7pm, I answered, asked who was calling, they hung up.  This is a 2nd call in since Friday.
They have called me several times.  When I answer they just hang up.  The company is based out of Louisville Ky.  Here are a few contact numbers to get them to stop calling youVice President(502) 753-5005Senior Acct Manager(502) 753-5004
this is a national research firm . they are not telemarkers. the difference is a telemarker is selling somthing and the research firm only wants your opinions things. how hard is it for people to take 5 to 10 minutes of their time to answer a few questions. Instead people rudely hang up, aleast hear us out. Everyone always wants to voice their opinions but when we call they hang up thinking we are telemarketers, if you let us finish speaking you would know we are not. Next time some one calls you hear them out you may be supportive of the survey and want to put in you 2 cents.
I received a call from these folks too. I however took the survey. It took quite awhile time wise, but it was interesting. It had to do with where I get my news and what websites I use to find info. I read at least six different news sources online and at least two different news sources as print media. I found the survey to be useful in as much that most print media is going down the tubes so to speak. These surveys do serve a purpose. So, now you know what they want. If you have the time to answer the questions do it. The only way companies can do a better job is by the feedback they receive.If they don't ever know what consumers want, they can't make it better.
I have received several calls from this number  - the ID lists "A. Wilkerson at 1-270-643-0222".  I know NOONE in Kentucky and phone this website today.  I never answer my phone if I don't recognize the number  - they can leave a message!!!
Called me twice today I tried to call back they refuse to pick up...fraud!
Got a call this afternoon on my home phone. 5/16/08.about a research program.I told the lady I was not intrested and please take me off your calling list.. again she was going to go through her intro.. I asked..did you not hear what I just told you .. I am not intrested and please take me off your calling list.. she was very persistant.. and I finally angerly told her I didnt want her call and hung up on her.. who are these people..and my number is registered with the do not call was she able to get it..?? Can these people be stoped???
Received a call on my cell phone,did not recognize number so I did not answer.....
Keeping a list of these calls is good. They called us at this number on 4-23-08 and the same firm called us on 4-18-08 using 270-985-1110. We did not answer either call as the caller ID is unknown to us (and they left no message). By checking Google search using the numbers without punctuation (eg. 2706430222) you can check on any caller.
Just got a call 7:13 pm in Seattle.  Madisonville, KY but no name and no message.  Got off line and called them after reading here!Says:  Wilkerson & Associates, normal business hours 9-5, if you know the 4-digit extention dial it now, otherwise Have a Great Day.  Not possible to leave a voice message, they just repeat the message.  They sure don't want anyone making calls to THEM, just leave their computer to do the dirty work after they head out of the office.I'm on EVERY do-not-call list available.  Where do these creeps get these numbers?  Ah yes, upon googling further:Wilkerson & Associates is a public opinion polling services.  Geez, I so HATE telemarketers!!!!
I got a call from this number today and a similar one yesterday. It's a KY area code? I live in Chicago..

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