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Reverse Phone Check:

Same here received a call on my mobile just after 9am this morning - didn't get to phone in time though to know any more.
I had a call from same number on my phone yesterday i picked up but i did not talk , the caller was there waiting for me to talk, after some minutes she talked i just left the phone on speaker so i could help her waste the credit a little bit.. i have this morning had another missed call from same number...
this no. and a very similar no. keep ringing me....02070985550.havent answered any of their calls. read the comments posted about this 0207 number n make sure u dont answer!
i dont know you so dont call me
this number keeps ringing me too, i thinks its a scam
This number has called me three times today on my works mobile.  I don't answer foreign numbers as I have to pay work the costs of receiving such calls.  Has anyone actually spoken to anyone from this number? What do they want? Do they want to give me money from my long lost Ugandan Uncle Sammer the Scammer?
Had  2 missed calls today, no mesage
I've had two calls from this number and ignored both.  Who is it?  Is it someone trying to get access to my phone so that they can use it to call their friends and leave me with an enormous bill? Does anyone know????
Have just had a call from this number, they have been trying to call me all day, Woman had my name and advised that she was calling from a company called CAG who will apparently asist me to gain a refund if I had ever had a loan????I think this might be a scam but kinda worried about how they have my name??
Have had calls all day today and yesterday, obviously a scam so don't bother to pick up. I know no-one in South Africa. I'm with vodafone, is anyone else? If they have names aswell as numbers then it must be someone internally selling names/numbers I me suspicious!!??
wow most of the callls seem to be from today, just mised the call, i would have pick up to see what they wanted but i picked up too late
3 times today, unknow strange number +272?? = no answer
Have had calls over the last twenty-four hours, but haven't answered them. Have asked O2 to bar the calls but it hasn't worked. Anyone know how I can stop them?
asked for a adam smith but then said this call might relate to myself. i told them no and hung up
This number has phoned several times on home phone and twice on mobile today. haven't answered and they left no message.
Had 2 calls from this number today. Not a clue who they are. Missed both calls, and wouldn't answer anyway! Think it might be a foreign number??
random message
I should probably not be anywhere near a computer, but then the caller from this number should probably not be allowed near a phone.
Got a voicemail and follow up e-mail from VeriSign.Responded to me based on online survey through IT WORLD on Web Security.It's legit. Just may not be for everyone.
Ordered a trial SSL certificate from Verisign two days ago. Had an unanswered call from this number today. Given that their HQ is in South Africa, it is very likely that the previous posters are right and they wanted to follow up on my trial.

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