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The number calling you showing +2896959898 is a SCAM. this is one of those calls that uses a machine to find a number that is not in service, and using it to show up on your caller ID.if you accept the charges, trust me when i say you haven't won anything.  You've been dooped. you will lose your money and will not recieve's not Air Canada, it's not a travel service saying you you have bonus travel miles.DO NOT PRESS 1 for more...
I received the call but did not answer ... they did not leave a message though.
received call - did not answer thanks for the postshavent flown air canada in years
Got a call on my cell.. didn't answer it.. thanks for all the posts on these type of calls....
Called my cell, I did not answer it.
Didn't answer
They called me to...same air canada spiel.....
they didn't leave a message, they called me 3 times in 1 day
Got a Call. Left no message
Left no message
got one too.they left a message saying something along the lines of "you won something press 1"
They claim I won a contest and asked for Credit Card
Leave no message. Not in service when call back.
Air Canada, I won a prize, press 1 to accept
I was in class, didn't answer. Left no message.
After reading everyone's post , glad I didn't answer :)
Just receive a call, try to answer but signal o low .. try to call back .. cannot reach..
me dit que je gagne quelques choses et de faire le 1 j ai raccrochez
I've recieved a letter also saying I had won some money when i sent the money to them they sent another check with my winnings but stated that i had to pay a certain amount before i could cash in the check come to find out the checks where fake and now my bank is depleting funds from my account. If anyone has any answers as to how to solve this i would appreciate it.
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