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calls from 301 223 0109 every day for weeks, sometimes more than once a day, including today, Sunday.
These people have called me for days.  It only rings three times.I just called them (2 p.m.. on a Sunday afternoon )after one of these calls and optedout by pushing 1 and giving them a number.  I hope it works.
Thx to everyone for posting this information, I've gotten calls from many of these area codes as well.These people are relentless...they are also parasites and I will never donate to them.
Thanks everyone for the info. The calls have been relentless and I have an unlisted number. I just called them and requested my number be removed from their call list. Thank goodness for this website!
No one there.  Just hung up.  Didn't not wait for computer to start talking, if there indeed was one.
This is the American Diabetes Association. I called them back and was able to use an automated system to have my phone number removed from their calling list.
Just got a call from this number. The irritating part is that it's 8am on a holiday (one that I have a day off from work and can actually sleep in). Why call so damn early??? If it really is the American Diabetes Assn, do they really expect people to want to donate when they're calling so early? Pretty stupid.
This call seems to be from the American Diabetes Association
I too have received phone calls from ADA with different area codes.  I do not answer if I do not know who is calling.410-202-0108 Salisbury Md301-223-0109 Williamsport Md703-291-9032 Triangle VA571-261-0106 Haymarket VA434-878-9983 Bradnax VACaller ID ADA
I had a call from this number with ADA in the caller ID.  Immediately after it stopped ringing, I returned the call.  The message says that it is the American Diabetes Association, and to press 1 if you would like to be removed from their calling list.  I did, and then it prompted me for my number.  The message said, that while federal law allows 30 days for the number to be removed, they would make every effort to remove it within the next few days.
This is the fifth call from ADA, in as many days, from the fifth number. No message left. Getting very irritating! I don't answer calls from out of state unless I know the number (there's only a couple).Phone #            Date/Time    Caller ID  Location(301) 223-0109    09/29/09 11:59    ADA       Williamsport, MD(410) 202-0108    09/25/09 20:41    ADA       Salisbury, MD(434) 878-9983    09/26/09 09:56    ADA       Brodnax, VA(571) 261-0106    09/27/09 12:07    ADA       Haymarket, VA(703) 291-9032    09/28/09 10:09    ADA       Triangle, VA
This is another number for the American Diabetes Association.  If you call the number you have the opportunity to opt out of their calling network.
same- williamsport md
calls like am and pm daily no message left just dial tone if answer???irritating wierd on no call list???
Call received at 8 p.m. August 18, 2009Didn't answer and no one left a message.
called several times now, doesnot leave message. Comes from Williamsport MD?
called once at 11:30PM caller id show unknown name
Called but left no message
We received a call yesterday.
Pay BackHealthStream Research Offices:800-473-1771  8:30 to 5:30 EST.Baltimore:7710 Montpelier RoadLaurel, MD 20723Telephone: (301) 575-9300Facsimile: (240) 473-1305Nashville:508 Autumn Springs CourtSuite 1DFranklin, TN 37067Telephone: (615) 224-1550Facsimile: (615) 224-1575

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