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received call from this number even though my number is on the do not call list. was an automated caller. don't know what they were selling because i hung up quickly
I saw your posted ad and I decided to contact you. My name is Owen Gibson, I am a money lender as well as Angel investor, reply my email for more information on how to acquire loan from me via my email: Gibson loans money... I declined to go through with a loan but gave out my basic information.  I'm just glad I did not give out any personal account information because I have no idea who I was dealing with.  My phone is ringing every hour, two and three times since.  That's the last time I do that.  I just need these calls to stop.
Got a call from this guy... told me it was for Payday Loans... I answer the phone saying my full name and he asks after a second pause "is Michael there?... I said "I just answered the phone with my Name, I guess that would mean I'm here right?... So we get into it and I ask him who he is and what company he works for and he refused to tell me... Then made some comment about me riding the short bus... Real Jerk... I laughed and peppered him with questions about who he works for and laughed about he having to stay on the phone with me and losing out on other sales... He Hung up...
got a call from this number and they wanted to give me an holiday for a family of 4 but i have to pay taxes for the amount of £698. they gave me 302 857 0302 to call if i want to go ahead with holiday. they wanted card details, expiry date, and security code. i swear at them and say that they are fake and the guy called kevin moores swore at me. this is really good business for master card or visa in which he claimed he worked for..
Hey Scammers!                       The President is soon to be signing the new Caller Id Act into law. You will face criminal penalties now for your scams stealing from American consumers. You A**H***s will get caught, it's just a matter of time! The next step is to take this internationally. I hope the CIA, raids your S**t and throws all of you in prison! Thank YOU for calling, Goodbye!
this number calls me several times a day.  when someone answers they say it's a diabetes collection... i won't give.. i don't want to be called...
The calls from Freeman Randall 302-747-7777 and 360-742-1886 are very aggressive telemarketing calls. I spoke with the AT&T call annoyance bureau and they referred me to the FTC - 1-877-382-4357. I made a complaint to the FTC and they told me that they don't investigate individual complaints but if enough people register complaints for these numbers then their lawyers will investigate. I would recommend calling the FTC and making a complaint.
They called me 4 times in 2 hours !!....." Randall Freeman" shows on caller IDIt's maddening !!!!
Just got a call from this phone number with caller ID of "Randall Freeman".  Let it go to voicemail but they hung up.  I looked it up on the internet and realized others had had issues with this caller.  So, I had this number blocked on my phone.
Please stop calling phone number 781-820-5406.
I am also getting non-stop calls from Randall Freeman.  When I answer, they just hang up.  I looked the number up and is from Dover, Delaware.  Getting ready to blast a fog horn into the phone next time, thats if they don't hang up first!!
I get this call several times a day, too. Yesterday, they said something when I said, "hello", then hung up. It might have been a machine. (war dialer). Today, I said hello softly. They/it didn't respond. I listened until it hung up.
I too have received calls several times a day for a couple of weeks .  I finally filed a complaint with the Delaware Attorney General's office yesterday. They advised that their fraud unit will be handling this.Tonight , when I received another call , I told the woman about the complaint and she asked why I did that.  I responded that I had asked them last week to stop calling  but they did not.
10 or more calls the last 3 days.I will start answering and not talk.  Maybe if they get charged for the call enough they will stop.  Wishful thinking?
I am getting regular calls from this number & the caller ID shows Randall Freeman. Many Many many calls later with AT & T, I still cannot block this call.Has anyone figured this out???
They call daily,can not speak english, and want to talk about diabetes! I am blocking them!
I started getting calls last night, at 15 minute intervals for several hours.  Today I got several more calls.  I answered it and it was some woman named Christine, who could not speak English, asking if anyone in the home had diabetes.  I told her no and hope that stops the calls.
I started to get calls from this number a couple of weeks ago.  Received another again today.  The name on caller I.D. shows a Randall Freeman.  I'm registered on the "No Call" list, but that doesn't stop the calles from coming in.  What good is it to be registered if it doesn't work.  I probably get 5-6 calls each day that have no business calling.
I have gotten several calls from this number as well. Caller ID showed "Freeman Randall". I have no idea who he is but the number is not listed to anyone by the name of Randall Freeman. Won't leave a message either.U

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