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Same... this number called but when I try to call it back it is always busy
This obviously is a scam. Supposedly they were going to lower my credit card interest rate. They asked me to verify my name and when I asked them whose name did they call, that was the end of the call.......  watch out!!
I'd like to respond to "Ahh Hello"...he or she must be a robo-caller too. The point is that if you ask to be removed from the call list, the offender has to stop calling you. When I do this though, it's the fastest hangup....
called and didnt leave a message...said CELL PHONE on caller id
Got a call today from 304-445-5940. I hit nine to get some info on this jerks.When I said I all ready ask them to take me off there call list, the a$$ hole said oh ok I'll take you OFF the do not call list, then hung up. I tried to return the call but got no where.
I also received a call from this number but didn't answer the call. I also receive several calls from some chimney sweep company using different phone numbers each time AND, I reported this to the 'Do Not Call' website. Maybe if we all registered a complaint to  Someone might do something about it.
You people miss the Point of the DO NOT CALL LIST......ANY company OR subsidiarity can still contact you IF your doing services with them...Period Sorry thats the way it is
I have gotten calls all day from various numbers and after looking them up we have blocked them, now I got a call from this number.  It comes up unknown and I will not answer calls that I don't know who it is whether unknown or a name I don't recognize.  I figure if they want to get a hold of me and it's important they would leave a message.   I too am on the do not call list... so much for that!  I am getting very sick of all these calls.  Makes me not want to have any phone.  I feel bad for these older people who have trouble moving to get to the phone and they get there and there is no one there or a solicitor....
It's from some company claiming to be "credit card services".  We are also on a do not call list, but these crooks seem to ignore the law.
It's a minor inconvenience, but illegal and aggravating to get robocalls with no recourse for getting off their lists.  Hard to tell who or what originated the call, but from the other comments here, sounds like a telemarketer.
I received a message from this number in regard to lowering your interest rate on your credit card.  Various other friends received calls from this same number and tried to call this number back but received a busy signal is this someone trying to take someone's credit fradulently.  Who is this company?
I got a call from this number an hour ago (December 27, 2010).  I answered it because I was suspicious of it in view of other calls from weird numbers.  The recorded message said "account service" was calling and this was my last chance to get a 6.9% interest rate (I got the same call last week from a different number).  I hit 9 as they said to do and a person answered saying, "did you press 9 to get a lower interest rate?"  I then said I was on the "do not call list" and they hung up before "list" was off my tongue. This has to be a bottom feeder looking for you to give them your credit card info.  Is there a way to trace the real number they are calling from?
Got a call from this number and caller ID says:  "W Virginia Call".  Tried calling it back to see what it was, but got a very fast busy signal.  I, too, am on the Do Not Call list.  Apparently, THAT doesn't work, either!
Just got a call from this number and caller ID says:  "W Virginia Call".   I, too, am on the Do Not Call list.  Apparently, THAT doesn't work, either!
Received a call from this number today at 11:26 am.  Did not leave message.
Got a robo call advertising lower credit card rates.  I already reported this to the FCC last month but calls still keep coming.
This number appeared on my caller ID from this afternoon. They didn't leave a message.I'm on the Do Not Call List, have been for years but I get these calls all the time.
Did not answer, did not leave a message.
This # called me today...Trying to call it back, I got the normal response...This call cannot be completed as dialed... I HATE these calls and wish that they could be stopped...Most likely an international prank
This #. 304-981-2335 called me,  I do not know anybody in wv so I didn't answer.No message left.     Thought it might have been some pollster to get me to vote.Glad I looked the # up online.I'm also on the gov't do not call list.Reply !

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