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call 2 minutes ago
air miles scam
got call from 306-986-2442 who said they were Air Canada. The NO Call List is a joke invented by government to rip us all off. I am more upset with the federal government than I am with the call at least you know the call is a scam whereby the government pretends to want to protect us. Who is the real crook here?
This is a fraud.Read more about it here:http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.c ... eit_travel.html
Contacted air transat n other placesThey ALL say to contact the fraud centre. Here is one response:Good day,Thank you for contacting us.It has been brought to Transat’s attention that consumers are receiving phone calls, sometimes automated, advising them that they have won a trip with Transat, then asking for their credit card number.In these cases, the caller is falsely impersonating a Transat representative with the sole aim of obtaining credit card numbers. This is a scam and Transat suggests that recipients of such calls contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or by e-mail at you for your cooperation,Air TransatInformation and Seat Selection Center
I got a miss call from unknown number, and I want to know who called me ?J3
I also received the call from 306-986-2442 informing me of winning 100,000 airmiles points and to press 1. I never do but was distracted so I did by mistake. It said to hold the line but in a second or two, it hung up. The antifraud site says that they can't use your phone line or account just for pressing a number. Some say you are usually asked for credit card info etc. Has anyone had any known consequences? Thanks!
Got the same call today. Apparently if you press #1 this gives access to your number and the caller can now make long distance calls on using your number. You are liable for these calls. This is a scam that has been going around for a while. I have even received this call at work. Whatever you do, don't press #1.
the number call, and say because you are a special customer, we call you to give you a gift. ask to press 1 to continue, what i did and after a couple of minutes waiting on line, they hang up.
Came into work this morning and found " . . . to accept, Press 1" on my WORK voicemail.  Sheesh.  Thank heaven for voicemail.Oh, and someone needs to add "Scam" to that Call Type drop down list.
Dec. 21/10 Just got a call from this number this morning - automated voice said to press 1 - I did not. Instead I called Sasktel to report the potential scam - they checked and said that this is not their number. Being on the Do Not Call list did not help in this case!
Another Air Miles automated phishing scam #
Automated call (recorded message) that lets you know you won something with Air Transat, then asks you to press 1 to claim the prize.Without pressing anything, or answering anything, the call ended automatically after 20 seconds.
apr`s 2 sonneries de tèléph0ne cell il racroche sans laisser de message 16;22
Autodialer/robocall that claimed to be from Air Miles
Automated message claiming to be from Air Canada offering a free gift if you press 1.
Same as above - Automated message claiming to be from Air Canada offering a free gift if you press 1.
Just got a call at 3:45 pm PST in vancouver 604 area.  Machine said 1000 air points, then press 1, then I got connected to some person asking if I had a valid credit card for my trip to cancun?  I told them that my number is removed from that calling list thought w/e service Canada provides, and they said they still get to access my number because they are "following" rules????? load of bull
"Hi A freind gave me your #, but I'm kinda shy, so i don't want to tell you who I am yet. But,if you're interested,come check me at"Who is this and how do i get them to not text me if i don't know them?

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