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Reverse Phone Check:

About 5 minutes after I registered my small business on hotfrog they called twice, but nobody was on the other line when I answered both times.  I think I'll act like I don't speak English when they call next.  I thought hotfrog was a more reputable website than that.
Okay, I posted earlier, but I keep getting calls.  I think I've gotten 5 or 6 calls by now.  I guess we can all thank Hotfrog for the bunch of spam calls and emails.  I guess we all needed more telemarketers calling us.  I also got a few other calls shortly after about the same thing.
Called to sell SEO services.  Was about 5 minutes after I registered on hot frog.  Wonder if they got my # from them.
call center in india for seo marketing had my guys call them back and offer explicit services to annoy them they said they will never call us again if we stop lesson is reverse the roles on them become the annoy-er
called my cell phone.. asked her why she was calling she had a child crying in the background but kept on demanding to talk to the business owner.. what business this is a cell phone.. she kept right on reading the script of pay per click. i asked for her supervisor and she said she does not have one or would tel me the company she is calling from....  big time scammers
Called my small business and I could hardly hear them...sounded like it was a child calling from a cel phone.  As soon as they asked for the business owner I hung up.  I really cannot waste my time with unsolicited telemarketing.
I just got a call a today from the same person with the same message and number. I am also glad I looked up this number first! A lot of scammers out there.
The number shows up, but not the company calling.  They ask for the owner of the company are are obviously reading from a script.  They are a real pain!
They called, but left no message.
We are a small process serving company in the state of Missouri. They have called 5 times today and I lost count the last few days. I am the owner of the company and I stated that and also stated I was not interested in SEO services for my site nor was I interested in paying per click to advertise on their unknown search engine. The representative continued with the script (I am sure he has a script for every form of rejection you can think of). I asked for him to please stop a moment and he continued over and over with a different script. I lost my cool a little then asked, as I have every time they call, to take me off of thier list and to discontinue any phone calls. And then they continue....I use the phone to market as well but why would you continue to call a number for a sale if you have already called over 20 times in 3 days and was rejected. Just a wast of somebody's time and money, including mine.
They call and just hang up.
This is an unknown number to me. I don't know the caller got my number since my number is NOT listed.
they call me and just hang up. what's the point???
Just got the same message; a blocked call from John Diaz. He saw my resume on CareerBuilder but did not say what company in Huntington Beach he worked for. The message indicated that the next step is to call VP John Morris. Glad I Googled the telephone number first!
The company is Fruit Engine, and "Joe" claims they offer a service for Google.
same story here lol some people are are such jerks
Phoned and left no message.
Same thing called and asked for owner told them he was unavailable asked to take a message and said they would call back.

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