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They are only looking for immunizations of children in the household, if you have no kids, answer the phone and tell them.  They stop calling.
I have noticed NORC U Chicago on my Caller ID and mostly it was during the day.  Tonight I made the mistake of picking up (8:28pm) and someone started off saying his name and he was representing the CDC.  I hung up.  Whatever he was selling, I'm not interested.After reading the comments here, I don't remember ever receiving a letter stating I was "selected" to participate.  I did go their website ( and they seem to be conducting quite a number of surveys.Fine, it's a legitimate organization; however, I have an unpublished number and really do not want them to call (I'll be reporting them to the FCC).  So, I guess they will be hearing nothing but ring tones until they get sick of it.
they have been calling me 2 to 4 times a day for the last 2 months. i decided to answer the phone and say every dirty words i could think of. the person on the line got very quite. i hope i was being recorded. i also told them that if they don't like the way i talk then take my phone number off their calling list and stop calling. i also  have the home phone and address of two of the stupidvisors/head of the idiots and i will start calling them if they don't stop calling me. i have not been called yet.  jeffery and laurie hackett5463 ingleside avechicago, ii 60615home phone 773-955-2772 missy keppelman 2843 wolcott avechicago, il 60657home phone 777-348-0598
Persistent calls, annoying calling every day.
This is a company called Telesight, Inc.  We just had our TV repaired by Sears and this is the company that is calling to make sure everything was to our satisfaction.
From the messages I've read, I think I figured it out.  Sears, I had my lawn mower repaired and was less than satisfied with the way the situation was handled, I'll try and get it next time!  But anyway it was     SEARS !!!
I have recently had a service from SEARS and have gotten a call from this number
Had washer warranty work by Sears this past week. Telesight keeps coming up and asks to press one for something. It's probably their satisfaction  survey.
Just called me. Didn't answer and google it. Makes sence it's sears calling. Las week I bought a new living room and dinning sets at sears.
Just had my lawn tractor serviced by Sears last week.This looks like the pattern.
All .. I too have received several calls from this number and the same result when I call back--a busy signal.  Based on someone's comment about Sears, I was able to tie it back to an appliance purchase I made in January 2010.  I called Sears Credit Card services and they added a 'privacy' request to my account and assured me that I wouldn't receive further calls.Give it a try!
Recently had a weed eater head fixed from Sears.  Too bad I didn't hear the phone ring, I was less than pleased with the repair!  I would have actually done this survey!!!
Purchase anything from Sears?
I just ordered a LG washer and dryer from Home Depot.  This number is an automated call making sure you were happy with delivery.  Sears, Home Depot, and a few other retailers use this service... so you got this call because you just bought something.
This is Telesight...a customer survey company, which in my case wanted to ask me questions about my recent Sears service call.
does anyone know who is calling from this number--have gotten numerous phone calls
Same here. Gotten numerous calls but no voice or message on other end. Busy signal when I call back
Same here. Gotten numerous calls but no voice or message on other end. Busy signal when I call back
Keep getting a call from this number, any idea who might it be?
Got several calls some ring three four times others only once, when I cal back busy signal???

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