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Reverse Phone Check:

I've received calls from 4 different numbers, all numbers that have already been reported before. This has to stop! I filed a complaint with the FTC. These calls are coming to my cell phone and it is AGAINST THE LAW for these telemarketers to call cell phones.
I finally called the 917 number.  They answer the career institute.  I didn't say anything BUT please remove my name from your caller list/data base.  He responded with confirming my number and then with a" you are a set".  Not sure how I got on their list but every 15 minutes from different phone numbers is a bit annoying.
How can we make these stop
received calls from 972-777-7777, 972-423-7020, 314-627-5524. On the last call yesterday afternoon, a woman started to speak, then a make push off the connection,  what is going on>
Tired of it my wife is starting to think I'm cheating because I can't explain these calls not right not fair
Collection agency?? I don't owe anyone but I'm still getting these calls. This number is a private line and only a few people have the number.
i have been getting calls from these numbers too...called some of them back today and they are all the same...."thank you for calling the career institute where we match you up with some of the top universities....." blah blah
I've found that if you give a fake name they say "Oh I'm sorry sir we'll have you removed from the list". This has happened with 2 numbers so far and they've stopped calling me.
the same i just got a call from 3146275524 and 3128785579
Same thing. Got call from 314-627-5524
BEWARE...the are from ...COLLECTION AGENCY!!!
I have been getting calls from:757-313-5200228-209-8325313-299-3146888-261-4837314-627-5534213-426-2763-they called me every 15mins all day long.312-878-5578314-627-5523917-398-5567312-627-5524312-878-5579314-627-5524917-398-5568all a couple times a day throughout his past like month.why is this?
I don't have reject on my phone. I did make a ringtone of silence though. Now when I assign that "ringtone" to any or all of annoying numbers I just hear silence.....very nice but the damn phone still vibrates....I can live with that.
I got a call from this number last night at 9. For those who don't know what to do I have found that on my phone anyway I can put them on a "reject list" so that the phone never actually rings when a call from this number comes in it if just automatically rejected. Check your phones to see if they have this feature it is really helpful.
The same people keep calling me314-627-5224312-878-5579917-398-5567866-499-1332
Jeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz these numbers call me at all hours of the I got 8 calls so far! What do I do?917-398-5568314-627-5524312-878-5579917-398-5567314-627-5523312-878-5578
Same thing
Just got a call.  Didn't answer, no message.
I have received several calls in the last few days from this number and others.  The similarity between all these numbers, despite having different area codes and prefixes is that the first two digits of the last four numbers are always 55.312-878-5578312-878-5579312-878-5582314-627-5523314-627-5524917-398-5567917-398-5568
i have been getting a million and one calls from plenty of unknown numbers and this is one of them.

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