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I got a SMs via same message centre. Mine said that, my time is over! For a moment or two I went wth! Besides the number from which it was sent was quite exotic 372666. Somebody has a weird way of getting their kicks...
het guys i am from egypt and i have received sms from that number+31626000230 with nick name "lucky" ,it`s said in arabic مبروك فزت بصك رقم 095432 و قدره 35 الف دولار اتصل بالرقم 00423662902729it`s means that i won the lottery with that number 095432 and the prize is 35,000$and call that number 00423662902729it`s absolurtely fake and it`s an old way to being rapped :D
the are scams and it's fake
i have belamed my self after i called this number cuz i losed much money from my credit , do it's scam and fake
I got one from +31626000230 with i want to f*** you!.. wtf!:Pis it skype or telfort..??
I got a message on july 03, 2009 at 13:29:58 hr. The message's full text is as under,Congrats! ur MOBILE No. has won 500,000 GBP in on going Int'l MOBILE No. draw in UK. To claim E-mail: ur NAME, MOBILE No. & ADDRESS.
I got a sms in my mobile nomber from same ID, that i have won 500,000 GBP in on going Int,l MOBILE No, draw in UK to claim e mail with mentioning name, adress and mobile is completely fraud, these are rumors and not easy to believe on them. what they want ????
i got message "congrats!ur MOBILE No.has won 500,000GBP in on going Int'l MOBILE No draw in claim E-mail:claim87@live.comur NAME,MOBILE No& ADDRESS. Sender.O2TELECOMES"what is this who send these messege ............?
it's a number from a Skype user...I sent a sms myself through skype and this was the number that appeared.
I think somebody have a method how to rise our phone bills.
no  this is someone sent a confirmation sms to your mobile and ur mobile was with him to complete the confirmation code and he can send fake smss from ur number i already have account but i was searching for the sms i am trying to remember the website..
what is this?? that nr is my internet sms number which I got from telfort...somebody called me on this number. a company from almelo. i think it is used double or something
Somebody used my mobile number as identification for sending sms to other people who have my mobile numeber in their contactc list. This number (+ 31626000230) was number of messages center. May I chack who did it?
sms recieved
I need to know which operator in the Netherlands owns this number. It is an SMSC number.

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