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I'm having the same problem as the above posts.  They call several times a day.  I do have loans with Sallie Mae and like the others, they are not overdue.  I have tried to block the number but the calls are still coming through.  This is getting very annoying.
They call constantly and say they can't speak to me about my loans until they verify who I am.  They are fraudulent and just trying to get your social security number and mother's maiden name....the most common access to all of your accounts!!!!  When I mention the word fraud they hang up on me but still call repeatedly at all hours of the day and night.It is my cell phone they are calling and *60 does not work neither does telling them not to call.
you can dial *60 to block a specific call
i want to know how to block calls
They called me on Sunday and said they were not being paid for their phone calls and that 100% of the money went to Indiana Children Services.  When I called the number 317-245-8484 on the letterhead a recording answered "Fund Raising Office".  I left a message for them to call before I sent in my donation.  I want to talk to someone they have sent money to before sending any money.  Very shady outfit - very hard to find out anything about them.  I do not think they are legitimate.  I tried their myspace page and it said either the user cancelled their membership or their account was deleted.
i was so tired after a long day at work kids screaming and all i heard was indiana children services for mentally sick kids and i agree to 20 dollars however,after i called the number back it was not in service, it sounded fishy becoz the lady hang up on me right after i said i would give 20 dollars not even saying thanks so i called back without any success. the letter that came today has my phone number as my account number and they also want 3 dollars fee for mailing, i am so glad i didnt send the money, i am reporting it to the credit bureau, thanks for the good reports on this site the number that showed up was 317-222-1154, but the letter has a different number 317-245-8484
I have received 3 calls from this org. Today the caller ID is 812-645-0179.The area code is from southwest Indiana.I asked very pointed questions and even got the person to give me an address 5035 E. Washington street in Indianapolis. I don't know if this address exists. This sounds shady to me.
Not a clue who they are. if they ARE Sallie Mae, then why does Sallie Mae (shown in CID) call separately????
DO NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE MONEY! After receiving my letter in the mail from these people, I did some research and found this web page. I then called the local Better Business Bureau and they had no record. I then called the Indiana Attorney General's office and they told me that they had no record and that the Fed ID # that was given on their letter was from a charity that hasn't submitted papers to the IRS in 2 years.This is a scam! Do not be fooled! Even if you only send them 12 dollars you are being had! And always do your homework on charities that call you on the phone wanting money!
My Mother rec'd a phone call and I do not know the number that came up, we do not have caller id. My mother has had a stroke and they called right after that and she agreed to send in $10. Thank God she doesn't have a credit card. I have the letter they sent, The phone numbers are different from above on the letter but every thing else is the same. The numbers on the letter is (317)245-8484 or (877)855-1118, and it goes to a po box 39628, indy 46239. They haven't called when I have been here unless she hung up on them. Thanks everyone for the info.Lorrie
They just called ms and stated that they were representing the "Mississippi State Kidnapped and Mississpi Children". He said help us get these kids home .........
They call we answer, they hang up?  I try calling back and get a voicemail for the "fundraising office" no other info.  Get this call at least once a week, same thing every time.. It's getting annoying.
Never leaves me a message but continually calls
I was told by a "volunteer" that this was a call for the MS Children's Services.  I told them to send me a packet of information, knowing this was not a local number.  I knew something was fishy about it.  I'm just hoping they don't call me back.
Indiana Children services is a non profit tax deductible charity. It's properly registered with the Sec. of State. It is a dba. of the Youth Acheivement League. Fed id# 84-1703171. The Indiana Special Olympics has requested us to no longer use thier name after excepting and cashing a large donation. Since that time we have removed their name from our literature and presentations. Our website is a myspace page because it is free. This chapter of the charity is less then a year old and takes time to acquire the funds to have full time employees to answer the phone and respond to myspace messages. Thank you for your time and intrest.
Have called repeatedly - several times per week, sometimes daily.  Who are these creeps?
thanks for the information,I will not send any money to them.they even want an extra 3.00 to cover the cost of postage.
I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by phone but did not donate.  I asked them to send info by mail which they did.  The letter has official-looking letter head and mentions Special Olympics and "Wish Foundations".I contacted Special Olympics Indiana and confirmed they are not authorized to raise money on behalf of Special Olympics.I have included the article for contacting Special Olympics Indiana and an article on the Better Business Bureau site as of 1/5/2009.---------------------------This is from the BBB about "Indiana Children Services" as of 1/5/2009 Indiana Children Services is sending a solicitation letter to Hoosiers asking them to sponsor children to the Indiana Special Olympics and to donate to other “Wish Foundations.” The BBB has attempted to contact this organization by phone, mail and their MySpace page. All contacts have gone unanswered. They state they are a 501(c)3 tax deductible charity: however, the IRS does not have a tax exempt ID number under their name. Their mailing address is a UPS Store mailbox. One Hoosier donated $10, plus a $3 processing fee. Now she’s sorry she did. Check with the BBB BEFORE you donate!---------------------------The following article is here: ... lnk&cd=10&gl=usTelemarketing ScamAs you know, Special Olympics Indiana currently utilizes telemarketing efforts (fundraisingover the phone) to raise funds for our program. We have one company that callsindividuals at their homes and another company that calls businesses.We have recently been notified of a company attempting to raise funds on behalf ofSpecial Olympics Indiana without our permission. The company represents itself as“Indiana Children Services” and claims=2 0to be raising money to “sponsor mentallychallenged children to the Indiana Special Olympics in Terre Haute, Indiana, for annualgames”. If you hear of anyone receiving a call from this company, please contact LeighAnn Erickson, VP of Development, at 317-328-2014 or thanks to Betty Stepek-Warrick County and Denise Brown-Monroe County forbringing these calls to our attention. If you have any questions, please contact LeighAnn.
some a**hole demanded to speak with a person i have never known, met, or even heard of.  i politely told them they had a wrong # and some jerk started cursing at me and i told him to add he to the dnc and he refused and then i hu... PUT A BLOCK ON THEM. they have called at the same time every night for months.  i finally got fed up!
They call and wont say nothing and when i call back they say thank you for calling.... then the lines go blank

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