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Recieved the call as well , how annoyning! I do not know anyone in jail!! Are people just so bored in jail they think they may get someone from the outside to talk to them??? GET A LIFE (you can find something better to do in jail besides that) ;<
i revieved a call from my boyfriend form 318-746-1250. and i cant accept his call. why??
They identified themselves as being with the Sequoyah County Jail and to either accept the call, check what the charges would be if you accept, etc. I was not available at the time, so the person left a message.
The call I got went to my voicemail since I was in a meeting.  It recorded enough of the Citi Telecoin message to know that this was considered a "free first call" through the service and it stated it was from an inmate at the Fulton County Jail in KY.  I am in KY, but have no clue who was trying to call my cell number, as I did not recognize the name the caller recorded (nor do I know anyone in jail).  I am seeing online that the calls tied to this ph# appear to be from different states. Perhaps the Citi Telecoin operation is in Louisiana (318 area code) and all calls from all of the jails/prisons it services get filtered through their 318 area code system.  Not sure....just hope I don't receive another one!  Since it was on my v/m, I didn't have the option to block any future calls from that number.
finally caught the number. they have called me like 10 times over 3 month period. i picked up. heard what sounded like a recorded message. it gave the option to have my number blocked from being used. it was option 3. so hopefully it works for me and someone else. they havent called back so far. also its being called to my cell phone. but when the number shows up it doesnt have a 1 in front of it. weird. i dont know hope this helps
got a call from this number...don't know them, don't know the number.  I didn't answer.  They called my cell phone.  I live in Texas
I actually know from whom is calling me from this number, is there a way to block the caller. He is in arkansas while Iam in ny. He calls daily at minimum 2o times per day I press the 3 but wonder whether Iam being charged anyway.
Received call to my cell number, from number at 4:30pm on 7-30-09.  First time and only time.  Person probabably just dialing numbers.
I received a call from 318 746 1250 on my Verizon cell. Very few people have this number. How is this happening and how can it be stopped?
recieved a collect call from an inmate at a jail.
I got four calls back to back from this number just 20 minutes ago. No one says a word when I said hello, so I hung up...Then, five minutes later, they called back one last time. No message was left, so I said screw it. When I called the number back it was something about an inmate facility, but I never wasted anymore time to try to speak with anyone to find out why I was getting calls from there.
They called my tracfone cell number that has not been given out to anyone. I do not know anyone in prison or Louisiana!!! Did not accept the call when they stated who they were with.
they called me 16 times...and i dont know anyone in prison or in that state. so it was weird
they called me 16 times from 318-746-1250..and i dont know anyone in prison or in that state. so it was weird
Someone called my house and apparently knew my name. I am not sure how but it is causing lots of problems in my relationship. What do I do?
Please have who ever is calling my cell number from this place to quit calling i don't know anyone in prison 318-308-9714.
318-308-9714 They keep calling my phone i wish they would stop this is my cell phone if you know me then you know i have a house phone. They call and hang up and call right back.
Perhaps a wrong number or something?This number is a dial-out only line for Natchitoches Parish Detention Center (and others?) run by a company called City Telecoin.It's a prepaid collect service more often than not, meaning that a balance has to be present on an account corresponding to the number being dialed. If you received a call from this number, I'd imagine that it WAS an actual collect call seeing that you have no reason to be getting calls from such facilities.Your Louisiana FYI for the day.
Rec'd a collect call from 318-746-1250 late in the night.  Don't know anyone in prison or in Lousiana, so I hung up.  They called right back.  Hung up again, but they didn't call back.  Strange.

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