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Reverse Phone Check:

These are all harassment calls and should be reported to the FCC.  Use the URL  and look on the left-hand side of the web page to find access to a complaint form.  It is easy to fill out and report the harassment.The FCC then takes that information and investigates the calling party, based on the information you provide in the complaint (time of call, was there any message, caller ID, do you owe this firm any money, etc.?).If your complaint is valid, the FCC can fine the calling party $10,000I have filed a half-dozen complaints over the past five years and always obtained follow-up from the FCC and in most instances, the calls stopped.Be active!!  Your complaint is important!!
my bbf and i just got a call from this number and the person knows her name and address not cool!!
has called the last 3 mornings @ 8:15 am EST  never leaves message
cbe called they are a collection agency for the state of iowa hospital they called me  to collect  a bill with the state of iowa hospitals in iowa city iowa i told them i have never payed anything this bill because i was lied to by all of the doctors there and they never told me the truth about my health problems. so why should i pay for any thing that i was not told the truth about they said that i did not have any bad disks in my neck guess what i took the same mr and ct scans to a different doctor and they said and showed me 3 bad disks in my neck they said that i did not have my heart problem and a tare in my aorta well before i went there the mayo clinic in Rochester mn showed me that i had a tare in my aorta and that i had the bicuspid valve not there, the iowa city said was therei have never payed anything on these bills for over 10 years and now they are calling me for them the nation limit on collecting a bill is 5 years and after 7 it it to be taken off your credit record so cbe if you call me again be ware you are fighting for a dead horse
Got a person, wouldn't tell me who they were unless I verified the last digits of SSI#, told them I wanted to know who they were before I verified anything - said they'd call another time. Just how screwed up is that???
I am getting really annoyed with number 319-242-7348. They must call me @ least four times a day, but leave no message. I set their # on my phones to go directly to voicemail so I can get some peace from their incessant calling.
just when the 319-833-1900 calls stop, this one starts...EVERYDAY! even if i do answer its a voice recording asking for someone else, so i hang up but yet the calls still come in! do we just answer & tell them to F'off this isnt who your looking for or what??? it's damn annoying for sure
What is this number
calls once a day for last several wks
keeps calling
This number calls EVERY morning at 8 AM! It does not leave a message but I am SICK of them waking me up as I live a night life rather than a day life.I will NEVER answer, so quit harassing me!!!!!
got a call  9-28-10  they left message.... this call is for Angela M_ _ _ _ _ _ if this is you please stay on the line... I hung up cause thats not my name
incoming from # above no message!
Just a call but no msg.
Appears to be a computer dialed cold-calling operation.   When the answering machine picked up, it recorded music then dropped.   Called on twice a day for several days the week of 9-20-2010.Also looks like they use another number:  319-833-1300Got same conditions with this caller.Don't know what they want or trying to sell, but is it really annoying.  Need to find who is calling so I can report them for violation of do-not-call listing.
No message left, called on 9-23-10 about 3:00 pm cst.
I am called by 3192285300 all the time.  If I had a button on my phone that when pushed would either give an electric shock to the person calling or 'fry' the computer that keeps calling me I would push it!
did they ask any of you for the city of your birthplace? They asked me that
These people are ruthless.  They have been calling almost every second day asking for different employees every time.  Complimentary subscription to Commerical Property Executive Magazine.  I tell them we are not interested in receiving the magazine and to take the number off their calling list.  Last spoke with a "Heather" and asked the same of her.  I am now keeping track of dates and times when they call so I can report them.  Unfortunately, it can take up to 30 days for the request for removal to be processed.  Or so they say.

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