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PEOPLE CALLING FROM THIS # 321 443 2122 MUST BE VERRY LONELY  TO TALK TO ANYBODY, AND PROBABLY UGLY TO. I am on no call list. will not answer those calles.
Yep, phone rang twice and they were gone. We are in British Columbia...
just got the phone call and the part where is said "please press 1 on your phone' kept repeating it self.. I hung up and then googled the number!
There is a business in Florida with that number called "Amaro's Full Service Men & Women"I found them on this link ... 350-us-highway/I wonder if it them or just a typo????
I just got this call on my cell phone. It was repeating the end of the message, "On your phone, on your phone, on your phone". Damn annoying telemarketing crap.
We haven't heard from this number for a while, but they are starting to call again.The National Do Not call List is a bunch of BS. We receive far more Telemarketing calls since we put our numbers on the list last spring.321-443-2122
i'm another person in atlantic canada who doesn't understand why they'd call me
I got a call from the same number! I am also in Atlantic Canada.
I got a call from the same number as well, I'm in Alberta.
Same as others, bull*&^# nonsense about reducing my credit card debt, and I don't have one, how do we stop this crap?
Rec'd a call here in BC.  I'm on the "Do Not Call" list and report all these calls online at: if enough people complain it will help change things.  I'm really sick of these people.
Just got the call. wtf
Got the call as well! I'm in NB. Wtf?
got it Alberta,phone scammer or ad.
just got it too in Alberta
gotten this call a couple of times from diffrent numbers...last time they called I asked them to repeat my cardnumber to me and they hung up...definitley a fraud scam
I've been hit by these people as well. It rang this morning, but only rang for 3 seconds before they stopped. I'm not Superman - I can't get to the phone that quickly. Anyway, they called back soon after and said I have debt on my credit card to the tune of $2500. Either I paid it there and then or they would take me to court and get bailiffs to my home. I knew it was a scam so I said they are welcome to take me to court, only to expect a lawsuit of my own when I wish to get them to refund me for my legal bills. They soon hung up after that. I've been getting these sorts of calls ever since I took a card out last month. Dirty money grabbing thieves. I'll be reporting it, that's for sure.
Automated message on my voice mail.  Sounded like a solicitor.
I didn't pick up but apparently this is a beautician/nail salon/spa in the Orlando area. Dunno why they would call me in Atlantic Canada.P.S. On the answering machine was some truncated message about how I could lower my credit card interest. WTF!? and piss off!

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