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Reverse Phone Check:

got a sales call from this number selling web optimization services.  Hung up on him due to poor conversational skills!
323-790-0167, They got my number thrue Stat the call me at list 2 times a day i did pick up once and they try to sale me a web she call. they are locate in Los Angeles.
I'm not the only one.  Foreign accept.  Poor phone quatlity.  Could not understand half what they said.  Refused to take no for an answer.  I hung up
i got  call from this number as soon as i register my business in hotfrog,i think this spammer have a contact with the hotfrog, stay away from this   caller, they have british action  of speaking english, half of them i do not understand, as soon as i seen this number i checked on google  and this thing showed up   all the people are sharing their experience, so be carefull and stay away from this people,
I've had a few calls from them too... I think they are using google to find us, and are offering to help us with our google rank. Oddly, in order for them to find us, our google rank is already pretty good.
Got a call from this number immediately after signing up with for directory listing. I didnt pick up. I have a feeling these guys have an agreement with to get phone numbers...
sigh, called my house, fn silence.
Received a call yesterday, the lady said she was calling about SEO search engine optimization for my business website. I told her im a web developer and i do my own optimization, she then said "well if you are a developer, why is your website ranked low?"i then told her that even if i was interested in what she was selling i wouldn't be any more due to her terrible sales pitch..
I did a trace on 323-790-0167  the trace showed Teen Mobile as the owner of the #. The calls generate from Los Angeles and Hollywood Calif . not sure if its a cell # or a land line . Suggest everyone put your phone  # on The national do not call list then if they call again you can report them .
I just got a call from them (03/04/2010)  since I do not have that number in my contact list I immediately googled the number.  This sucks that I'm on a list for spammers.Thank you all for posting that this number are from some punks.
Received a call from 323 790 0167 on my cell phone on 19 Jan. 2010. Put it on my "Do Not Answer" list.
Same thing.. received call from 323-790-0167. They were offering search engine opt. Politely said no thank you.. just kept pushing.
wow.. Guess I'm not the only one.  Foreign accept.  Poor phone quatlity.  Could not understand half what they said.  Refused to take no for an answer.  I hung up and reported them to the do-not-call registry.
Called my office and hung up when I answered.  Called them back and they said they were from a website/telecommunications company.  I asked them to remove my number.  We'll see.
Got a call at 10:38.  Dead air.  Hang up then re-picks up.
Get a call at 08-26-2009 at 11:08 AM  and then hang up
Received a call from 323-790-0167.  Again, stupid me for answering the phone.  The caller identified themself as calling from '' and offered to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on my site.  They wanted to tell me how they were BBB members, ranked highly, and wouldn't listen to me telling them that I optimize my own site every month and don't need their services, but they continued.  I finally had to tell them I don't need your services and I want you to remove my number from your call list.
usually not even the correct person. Get calls from them for a person I've never even heard of. You will never get taken off the list so I just have some fun and screw with them every chance I get.
hey people you are all wrong. The phone calls you receive are from people that steal identity. I learned the hard way. Please don't answer these calls or change your phone number. Also it my help if you call Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint.
Leslie... You don't have to owe them anything for them to call you. I have no balance to pay I have been caught up for 4months, and have not used my credit card and they still call. One time when I used my card they called me on the the 10th for $10 which was not due until the 28th! So Leslie, it is not always about paying them and being done with it, it's just the simple fact this NCO loves to call for the hell of it.

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