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I answered once...MONTHS ago, it was the Beacon Journal....I TOLD them to take my number off their list and stop calling...i didn't ask...I told them.....they still call weekly...months later.....turned the number in to the do not call.....they still call. Screw phones, I'm tired of being harassed by idiot callers who won't stop even when you tell them to, and when they aren't supposed to call in the first place.
Called this number back and it is Akron Beacon Journal. They wanted to sign me up for a promotional deal to get their paper on the weekends.
Someone called me from this number too, I called it back and it said it was a 'non-working' number.  No voice mail.
Uh---Also, NO IDEA who this may be!  Come on person(s)---what's it all about Alfie???  At least have the decency to leave a message (?)  With "caller ID"  I'M never going to answer this call if you don't----and probably you wouldn't want me to if you do!!  This is ridiculous and reeks of harassment!!'' CUT IT OUT!!  Don't want to "call names", BUT----"MORON"!!
Called at 5:30 p.m.   Left no message. Caller ID indicates Akron, OH
called but left no message
I have no idea of who is calling me from this number. The CID only says Ohio call, and the phone number.Caller ID: 330-597-3251Caller: OHIO CALL
The last two days I have received calls from this with everyone else, no message is ever left
I received a call for this number and the man asked for me by name and asked if I want to take any online classes.  I said no and he hung up.  I called back and spoke to Robert, who explained that they are called Education Assist and help people sign up for online education courses and at actual schools. Interestingly, however, he did not have my name but offered that he had me identified as That is not me, but I do have a gmail account.  Could Google be giving/selling information to third parties? Probably.
they call my cell phone every weekday morning between 8 and 9. i never answered since i didnt recognize the number. i finally called back and couldnt understand a word the person was saying but managed to hear something about education. PLEASE STOP CALLING EVERYONE!
They continuously call my business. Sometimes they say nothing, other times they want "Daniel"  I asked for Daniel's Last name, they said "Roberto".  I continue to ask them to take the number off their list and not call back and they continue to call and ask for "Daniel"  Call ID said "Revenue Assist" Quite anoying
answered they asked for me and i said no and asked them not to call back and then hung up on them
I called back (after weeks of calls w/no message left on my machine).  Debbie(!) thanked me for calling, talked about finding a good college near me and when I told her I was very not interested, she agreed to take me off their call list.  Three days later, they're back.  Tried calling THREE times, each time was put on hold and then disconnected.  I'm on the No Call list, but clearly this isn't working.  Any advice or ways to get rid of these pests?
has called me multiple times and never leaves a message. and if i answer they dont speak
I have repeatedly been called from this number, and usually always at the same time in the morning (8:30am) or afternoon (around 3pm). When I do not recognize a number on my cell, I let it go to voicemail because if it's important they will leave a message. No message is ever left. I have not called back ever. I figured a Google search of the number would provide some answers - I see that lots of people have this issue.
I keep getting calls from this number. The first time I tried to ask the person to take me off their list, she hung up before I could finish my sentence. The next time, I said Do Not Hang Up and asked to be removed from the list. No such luck. Extremely annoying.
They didn't leave a message, but I figured -- with it being April 15th and the Caller ID saying Revenue Assist -- that it has to be a scam of some type.
This number called me and I let the answering machine pick it up and no message was left.
i never answer the phone and nowone leaves a message and it says unknown.
I just received a call from this number. I answered and then silence. Who is this? I am reporting it to my telephone company as harassment as I see there are many more with the same situation.

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